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A Letter From Our Founder

Brook Walsh, President & Founder

Thank you for coming to our website and reading this letter from the founder. It doesn’t matter if you want to rent a house for vacation, buy a house, or work for a great company. We hope you enjoy browsing our site.

Since our company was started, we’ve worked very hard to achieve our goal of becoming Northern Michigan’s best vacation home advisory services company. We want to build a company that is based on respect, teamwork, honesty, integrity, and customer service. We work together to make sure our employees, homeowners, guests, community, and partners have the best experience possible.

How do we measure success?

People who work for us, own our homes, and come to see us are all important parts of our success. So, we are always working to make sure that our employees have a good time at work and that they can grow. We have come up with a wide range of property services to help people who buy vacation homes. We have also put together a list of guest services that will help you plan a great vacation. As long as we can add one more staff benefit and offer unexpected personalized service, we’re on the right track. 

Good corporate citizenship is a must, even in a small Northern Michigan town. As a result, we are proud to support activities that go far beyond the workplace. In fact, we have a lot of charitable sponsorships and get involved in the communities we serve. It doesn’t stop there. We also have people who work in classrooms or on the field or in places of worship. They help women and children through the Eagles Ladies Auxiliary, the food pantry, and a lot of other things in the neighborhood.

Change is the only Constant

As time goes on, the landscape of the hospitality business keeps changing. Because of that, I’m excited about what’s to come for Northern Michigan Escapes. I really hope that you will join us for our trip.


Brook Walsh