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Concierge Services

We're Here to Help You

To us, it’s important that you make memories instead of making plans. Moreover, that’s what our concierge services are all about.

As long as you have an idea, chances are you can do it in Northern Michigan! In fact, it doesn’t matter what time of year you visit Northern Michigan. Rest assured, there are activities for everyone, no matter what their age, interests, or ability level is.

We’ve put links to some of our favorite things to do in Northern Michigan in the boxes below. Additionally, they’ve been checked by our team of local experts, and our recommendations vetted by guests. However, if you don’t find what you’re looking for in the sections below, let us know. Similarly, we can help you find what you’re looking for.

Here is how we do things. First, after you tell us what you want to do, our local concierge will start making your own itinerary. Next, our concierge will help you pick out activities based on insider knowledge and your own preferences. Then, we’ll work together to make the most of your time. Afterward, we will book and coordinate all of the things that you want us to do for you. Lastly, our team is on the ground to make sure that everything is done right. In addition, your concierge is there to answer questions and give advice the whole time you’re there.