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Vacation Guide

Homeowner Guide

Northern Michigan Escapes has two brochures that can be printed to show customers how we can help them. These brochures show our benefits, products, and services. The first brochure, called “Homeowner Guide,” shows how we make it easier to buy a second home. The second brochure, Vacation Guide, lets our clients picture themselves making memories that will last a lifetime.
Northern Michigan Escapes offers homeowners and visitors vacation rentals, property management, and real estate services. Furthermore, our company has grown to be a cornerstone in the local community. As a result, we employ a large number of local residents and serve hundreds of homeowners. Furthermore, we assist thousands of visitors each year in creating lifelong memories.

Our Core Values

Northern Michigan Escapes wants to be your go-to source for information about vacation homes. We are also able to do this because we stick to these core values:

We work together as a team because we trust each other, have the same goals, and show respect for each other. We also know that when the team wins, we all win.

Honesty is a lot more than just telling the truth. Because we have the courage to say what needs to be said, when it needs to be said, we are proud of ourselves. We do this no matter how hard or unpopular it is.

We are honest and fair in all of our communication and interactions. Our commitments are important to us, and we take pride in living up to the spirit of those commitments.

We see the value, understand, and appreciate the traits that make up a person or group. We will always treat people with respect.

Getting help from customer service
We are only here to help our customers. Furthermore, when our clients give us tasks, they show that they trust us. Because of this, we take the trust we have in us very seriously. In an industry where many people say that customers come first, we set the standard that other people try to follow, even though many people say that.