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Real Estate in Northern Michigan

The Next Big Thing in Real Estate

Northern Michigan Escape’s Real Estate Division is more than just the new kid on the block. In fact, we’re the next big thing in real estate. As a result, we’re dedicated to the people we serve and the communities we sell and live in. Our agents are the next generation of real estate pros for modern clients, mixing start-up energy with incredible service and highly specialized knowledge of lifestyle real estate and area neighborhoods.

We designed our state-of-the-art technology and digital marketing strategies to set the pace for others to follow. Whether you’re looking for a ski-in/ski-out estate or waterfront cottage we can help. Moreover, our passion for people, places, and properties make us work harder…and smarter. We’d love to be the next – and best – call you to make when it comes to real estate.

Northern Michigan Escapes is taking real estate services to the next level.  Not only do we offer traditional buyer and seller representation, but we also provide property services throughout the process. Moreover, the combination of our family-owned real estate and vacation home advisory services businesses enables us to serve our clients on a much deeper level.  

Exploring the costs of customizing, maintaining, expanding, and upgrading a home before the purchase helps our clients make informed decisions about their purchase.  And understanding the true cost of owning a home is an added bonus.

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Advice for Getting Around the Hot Real Estate Market in Northern Michigan

Select the ideal real estate agent.

Someone must bring you to the signing ceremony and your new home. Many agents lack the knowledge to make offers. Some real estate agents send an offer and cross their fingers instead of building the necessary connections or reaching out to the seller. If you’re not getting results, look elsewhere. Usually, the seller pays for the buyer’s real estate agent.

Prepare a pre-approval from a local lender.

In this cutthroat market, the majority of sellers won’t even consider an offer that’s not backed by a pre-approval letter. Before you examine properties and are completely prepared to make offers, do your homework and establish a relationship with a local lender. In light of this, consider them a member of your real estate team. In this competitive market, we are entering, pre-approvals might be particular to property and time-sensitive, so the agent you hire should have a long-standing relationship with your lender.

Use creativity when making your offer.

Although money is always king, including something of value in your offer could give you the upper hand when sellers are considering their options. If your real estate agent, for instance, strikes up a conversation with the other agent and learns that the seller enjoys a certain cuisine, go get them a gift card to their preferred restaurant and present it to them at the closing table. Or, if you learn that the seller has never flown over the shoreline of Northern Michigan, provide them with the adventure they crave.

Be the backup proposal.

Look at properties that are under contract without hesitation. Numerous times, backup offers have turned into the best offer. Don’t lose up even if you believe your ideal home has been sold because some people have buyer’s remorse.

Don’t be afraid to list.

You, the seller, are in power, so don’t be afraid to list in the current market. Closing takes 30 to 45 days, therefore you can request an extra day of possession. Make it contingent on you buying a new home.

Talk scenarios over with your agent.

There are a variety of original marketing strategies to sell your home on your schedule and meet your needs. . Although it is a seller’s market, standing out might still affect how much you ultimately receive.

Pick a wise list date

Be ready for several showings and requests as soon as you are ready to advertise your house. The first 72 hours are typically the busiest if you are priced competitively in the market. Take a weekend getaway or check your calendar to see what days you can take off. You’ll experience less stress as a result of this.

Use a pro

I don’t need an agent in this market, you may be thinking. However, according to statistics, a “for sale by owner” will net you 20% less than if you hire a pro. If you’re still not convinced, speak to several agents and give it a shot yourself.

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