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Vacation Rentals in Northern Michigan

The Comforts of Home on Vacation

Why select a professional management company when considering a northern Michigan vacation rental? Because you can enjoy the comforts of a private home or condo. In addition, you will enjoy complimentary amenities and concierge services that make a Northern Michigan vacation great. For your convenience, click on the pre-selected quick links below to explore our vacation rentals:

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Chose Northern Michigan Escapes

Vacation rentals are becoming a more popular choice than typical hotel stays. Why? Because they provide tourists with the space, conveniences, and privacy of home while on vacation… at a fantastic price!

Forget anonymous hotel rooms—Northern Michigan Escapes vacation rentals provide you places with personality to make your visits special, from full lakefront properties with private beach access to downtown condos in luxury buildings. In addition, hundreds of different rentals are available around Northwest Michigan, including elegant apartments for solo business visits, quaint cottages for romantic getaways, and huge villas for family vacations. In fact, there’s no better place to stay if you want to tailor your stay to your own needs and travel style.

When you book with Northern Michigan Escapes, you’ll have access to the Midwest’s largest travel community. Moreover, our staff has reliable ratings and knowledgeable people assisting you in having your greatest trip yet.

We Are Different

At Northern Michigan Escapes, we strive to be different – and we are. Moreover, our personalized approach and dedication to service allow us to put greater emphasis on creating lifelong memories. Likewise, we strive to pair exceptional properties with unparalleled service. As a result, we hand-select only the finest properties to represent. So, when it’s all said and done though, we believe a vacation rental should be more than a place to rest your head. It should be a place to escape and experience relaxation.

Vacation homes and condo rentals are the most popular categories of lodging in Northern Michigan. However, they often cost less than a single hotel room. As a result, our vacation rentals offer travelers value. Moreover, these rentals have more space, amenities, and privacy than other lodging options.

Nine Reasons to Choose a Northern Michigan Vacation Rental over a hotel

  1. Larger Home
    A vacation home typically has over 1,300 square feet to relax and enjoy. Conversely, hotel rooms, on the other hand, are tiny 325 square foot boxes.
  2. Cost
    Vacation homes are usually cheaper than hotels. However, when you consider the cost of eating out three times per day, a vacation house with a kitchen can be a much better value!
  3. “House Run”
    In a hotel, you must follow the hotel’s schedule for meals, housekeeping, and fitness. In a vacation house, no. You can rise whenever you choose. Moreover, when the need arises, swim or run. Eat breakfast (or a nightcap) when it suits you.
  4. Adoptable
    Northern Michigan Escapes has many pet-friendly vacation accommodations. On the other hand, finding a hotel that will accept your four-legged family member can be difficult. In addition, pet-friendly rooms are also more expensive and located in less appealing areas of the building. Likewise, the rooms are not always as clean as the rest of the building.
Avoid The Darn Fees
  1. No extra fees
    When booking a holiday rental, you deal directly with the owner. So you know exactly what’s included and how much it’ll cost. No hidden expenses for parking, internet, pool towels, or bottled water.
  2. All the home comforts
    The word “vacation” is a misnomer They frequently incorporate items you’d find at home. Bigger appliances. Dishes. And games. Laundry service. These facilities can make a huge difference when traveling with a family or for a lengthy period of time.
  3. Kids are humans
    Most hotels aren’t designed for families or groups of friends. The cost of eating out and booking two (or more) rooms for everyone might quickly deplete your finances. It’s easy to find vacation houses that can accommodate any size gathering. Aside from the necessities (plenty of bedrooms, toilets, and TVs), eating at home can save you a lot of money.
  4. Privacy
    For those who like their own space, hotel rooms are only marginally more appealing than airport baggage claim areas. However, thin walls, elevator and HVAC noise, crowded pools aren’t fun… On the other hand, most vacation homes don’t have those irritants.
  5. Renters are favored
    Your holiday funds are highly sought for, and many vacation property owners go to great lengths to entice you. For example, the latest game system, big-screen televisions with hundreds of channels, and vouchers for local attractions are not uncommon.
More than a view from a room.

An unusual vacation? Vacation homes open up a world of unique opportunities. For example, have you ever wished to stay in a Boyne Mountain ski-in/ski-out condo? Additionally, a private beach on Lake Charlevoix? Aloft in Harbor Springs? So quit dreaming and do. These and many more once-in-a-lifetime holidays are just a few clicks away.