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Water Street Inn Vacation Rentals

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107 Water Street Inn

Boyne City   |   1 BR   |   1 Baths
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314 Water Street Inn

Boyne City   |   1 BR   |   1 Baths
Rates Starting from

307 Water Street Inn

Boyne City   |   1 BR   |   1 Baths
Rates Starting from

309 Water Street Inn

Boyne City   |   1 BR   |   1 Baths
Rates Starting from

311 Water Street Inn

Boyne City   |   1 BR   |   1 Baths
Rates Starting from

208 Water Street Inn

Boyne City   |   1 BR   |   1 Baths
Rates Starting from

315 Water Street Inn

Boyne City   |   1 BR   |   1 Baths
Rates Starting from

109 Water Street Inn

Boyne City   |   1 BR   |   1 Baths
Rates Starting from

110 Water Street Inn

Boyne City   |   1 BR   |   1 Baths
Rates Starting from

111 Water Street Inn

Boyne City   |   1 BR   |   1 Baths
Rates Starting from

210 Water Street Inn

Boyne City   |   1 BR   |   1 Baths
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312 Water Street Inn

Boyne City   |   1 BR   |   1 Baths
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Water Street Inn Guide

There are so many amazing things to enjoy in Boyne City and at the Water Street Inn that it is all worth it. Not only does the city itself have a lot to offer, but so do many of the nearby northern Michigan villages. The Water Street Inn is a lakefront hotel located in downtown Boyne City.

For example, the neighboring neighborhood has several fantastic food options. This hotel is perfectly located for shopping. It’s because it’s centrally positioned and close to wonderful shopping.

Listed below are some of the features that make this area a terrific destination to visit. For example, a site indicated below has fantastic paths to enjoy.

Guests of this inn can also enjoy a variety of water-themed activities. People can see Boyne Thunder, a boat race. If you don’t like water, you can play golf, ski, or visit some of the breweries.

Boyne City, MI

This city is nestled near one of America’s Best Lakes, Lake Charlevoix. Anywhere in Boyne City MI is close to the water, allowing you to experience all that the water has to offer. Boyne City has endless entertainment options.

With how close this city is to the water, it is often known as the place where Life Meets Lake. For example, people can spend their evenings relaxing on the Boyne River while watching the sailboats on nearby Lake Charlevoix. Anything that you can think of that is fun to do that involves water can be enjoyed in and around Boyne City.

Watching the Boyne Thunder, a high-performance boat race is one of the most popular boat activities. If you want to enjoy some amazing water activities yourself, you can now rent water sports equipment in downtown Boyne City MI. They rent almost anything you can think of for water activities.

After a long day of enjoying the lake and the city, there is no better spot to eat than right in the middle of Boyne City. There are several fantastic eateries in the city that serve delicious food.

The city’s core also has some of the best street music around. Boyne City’s Main Street is known as the area’s Premier Main Street in Michigan. This is especially true on Friday nights during Stroll the Streets in downtown Boyne City.

Things to See in Boyne City

There is a lot to see in Boyne City, and it can be difficult to decide which ones to see. Listed below are some of the greatest locations to see while in the area.

1918 Cellars at Castle Farms

This attraction can be found in Charlevoix, MI, and is perfect for anyone who loves to taste wine. This is because the location features the chance to taste some of the wine that is made in that area. You will also have the chance to purchase some of the wine by glass or bottle.

The outdoor patio area is available for those who wish to enjoy the wine while taking in the sights, but there is also interior seating available if the weather isn’t ideal.

You can dine as you enjoy the amazing wine. The 1918 Cellars at Castle Farms has chefs and allows guests to purchase wonderful cuisine. There are handcrafted starters, desserts, sandwiches, salads, and more.

Avalanche Bay Indoor Waterpark

This attraction is located near Boyne Falls, Michigan, and is ideal for families, especially on the Fourth of July. During the 4th of July, it is fun since it has roughly 88,000 square feet of slides and rides, some of which are water-related. Kids may enjoy a day at an indoor water park while watching fireworks at night. And, Boyne Mountain Resort, has a host of things for children to do as well.

There are 4 activity pools to enjoy. They are fun to play in and allow smaller children to appreciate the water. Each of these areas also has hot baths.

As long as it is not already reserved, this venue will allow you to reserve portions for a private gathering. You can even order a private encounter for you and your group without a party.

This attraction has ten eateries, allowing visitors a wide variety of dining options. This permits you to spend the entire day in the park without needing to leave for food.

Avalanche Mountain Preserve

This attraction is located in Boyne City, MI. The entire strip of land comprises approximately 300 acres of woodland, with about 90% of it being wooded.

Biking, hiking, skating, skiing, snowmobiling, and jogging are some of the sports available here. Disc golf and archery at an archery range are now available as new activities.

Hikers can enjoy a 462 step trek to the top of Avalanche. The walk ends on a platform where you may enjoy the view of the city and Lake Charlevoix. Mountain bikers can enjoy distinct trails.

Stiggs Brewery and Kitchen

All of the beer served here is created on-site from locally grown malt, hops, and other ingredients. The facility is large enough to sustain and handle the entire production of several different types of hand-crafted beers.

This facility’s employees are skilled and creative enough to develop a seasonal, signature, and even experimental beers all year round. This brewery not only has a broad variety of brews to try, but also other fantastic cocktails.

With over 30 different taps, Stiggs provides not only house-brewed beers, but also Michigan wines, local ciders, and beers from other Michigan breweries.

Water Street Inn

This is one of the nicest spots to stay when traveling, but not the only one. What makes this place special is that it provides a memorable and pleasant holiday.

This site is in downtown Boyne City, which puts you right in the middle of everything. It also provides a magnificent view of Lake Charlevoix, bringing you closer to enjoying the water first thing in the morning.

This hotel is created in a condominium format, so you receive a suite that feels like home. For example, each suite has a fireplace and a kitchen. It will even allow you to enjoy a private beach with one of the most magnificent sunsets.

Each suite contains a bedroom with a queen or king-sized bed. These apartments have a sleeping sofa in the front room for those who need more space.

Restaurants in Boyne City

These are just a few of the wonderful restaurants to dine in and near Boyne City, MI. There are many more, so be sure to try something new while you’re there.

Cafe Santé

This restaurant serves European Classic food in a bistro-style environment. This restaurant serves Belgian beers, mussels and frites, wood-fired pizzas, pasta, panini, and distinctive breakfast foods.

It provides breakfast, lunch, and diner. Seating options include the outside dining area and the bar area. This restaurant hosts some amazing events on a regular basis.

Wine Wednesday and Help Everyone Eat are just two of the regulars. Wine Wednesday gives a 30% discount on any bottle of wine, but also a $17 discount on a meat and cheese platter.

Help Everyone Eat, on the other hand, is a monthly program where the restaurant donates 5% of gross sales to local food banks. The Manna Food Project has helped raise approximately $133,000 for Northern Michigan food banks since it began.

Lake Street Pub

This is an American-style pup with a simple and rustic design. This location has an abundance of natural light and an outdoor terrace for when the weather permits it.

A charming and gorgeous fire pit keeps the place warm on long summer nights. The food served here is simple and created from products purchased locally whenever possible. On tap are 26 different domestic and craft beers, unique cocktails, and wine.

Boyne City Tap Room

This is an American-style bistro with outstanding craft beer, cocktails, spirits, and wines. If you like beer, you can choose from 40 different American craft beers, many of which are manufactured in Michigan. This location offers ten distinct specialty cocktails.

There are numerous possibilities for eating at this place. You can get sharing items including tacos, quesadilla, soup, burgers, and sides. There are additional specials and a kid’s menu so you can enjoy the venue with your family.


This is a terrific location for great breakfast and lunch. The food on the menu is all homemade comfort food.

When you hear or see this place’s name, you’ll know what they’re known for. They chose this name so that people would know what they are known for, as most people associate it with sunnyside eggs and breakfast.

Even though they are known for their morning meals, they also have outstanding lunch options. This means you may enjoy it all day long without having to worry about eating the same stuff.

This is a terrific venue to have a party or just get together with a bunch of friends. You can reserve this restaurant for a party or a private group gathering if you phone ahead of time.

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