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East Jordan Vacation Rentals

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Lake Charlevoix Retreat

East Jordan   |   5 BR   |   5.5 Baths
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Holy Island Getaway

East Jordan   |   3 BR   |   3 Baths
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South Arm Shores

East Jordan   |   5 BR   |   4.5 Baths
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East Jordan Vacation Rentals

About East Jordan

When you are in the state of Michigan, East Jordan vacation rentals are one of the best ways to vacation. The East Jordan destination must-see for anyone whether you live in the United States or from another country. Due to its location right at the Jordan River’s mouth, next to Boyne City, the environment has so much to offer. From the serene landscape to the beautiful setting, there is so much that you can experience.

For the best experience, you should take a vacation to East Jordan during summer and winter. During these times, you can enjoy all sorts of recreational activities along with the nature created as the Jordan River pours into Lake Charlevoix. There are countless things to do when you visit East Jordan, as well as places to visit.

Variety of Options
East Jordan also includes various vacation rentals that you can choose for your entire stay as you explore all you want. Vacation rentals come in all sizes and types. There are so many homes that you can explore whether you are planning to go during the summer months or the winter season. However, if vacationing in the summer be sure to book a vacation rental on world-class Lake Charlevoix.

Homes in Demand

The rentals within East Jordan are designed to accommodate you any season you decide to visit. During summer, you can consider choosing vacation rentals that have a swimming pool.

Depending on your taste and budget, East Jordan has the best rental homes you can choose to stay in for any amount of time you wish to spend. Some of the options you have for rentals include cottages, three-bedroom houses, apartments, cabins, bungalows, condos, villas, and studios.

Great Reviews
All vacation properties in East Jordan have an average of 4.7 out of 5 stars on their ratings. These are from years of reviews from everyone who has taken their vacation there. You want to have a place to come back to that fits your style and gives you the best experience.

The cost of vacation rentals varies depending on several factors. The location and the size of the rentals are some of the main factors determining how much they will cost you.

Lake Charlevoix Rentals Are In Demand

Such rentals can be more expensive compared to those that are more inland. Depending on where you are, the rentals average from as low as $66 to as high as they can get. Most rentals have an average of two bedrooms and two bathrooms. Some can even go up to four bedrooms if you have a big family or friends to travel with. Most of the properties will be a couple of minutes’ drive to the lake if it is not right at the lake.

There are also properties in the south arm of Lake Charlevoix and Round Lake. Your activities in East Jordan will determine the best location where you can choose your rental. You can search online and get a perfect outlook of what you can expect in terms of vacation rentals. Then from here, you can make your reservations and enjoy all that the rentals have to offer and East Jordan.

You can also choose to have a pool in your rental home. Having a pool at your rental is excellent for cooling down under the hot summer sun, especially when you are back from all the other explorations all around East Jordan.

Northern Michigan escapes is a great place to find all types of recreations within East Jordan during the winter months. Some of the activities include.

Summer Recreation
Your summer recreation in East Jordan is something to look forward to. It is filled with more activities than you can imagine. Most of these recreation activities have to do with the lake, a key area you need to explore. From the ferry rides to the rentals, you can add more to your checklist of the things to enjoy when you visit during summer.
When you visit East Jordan, you have to try the Ironton ferry. The ferry has a lot more to offer in terms of where in the lake you can see. If you would like to visit the south arm of Lake Charlevoix, the Ironton ferry is your best bet. The lake’s guide and exploration through the ferry is an extraordinary experience that is worth your vacation days. East Jordan iron works is a prominent company in the area and their factor is 12 miles just past the Ironton Ferry.
Boat Rentals
Getting to the lake is an experience you don’t want to miss when you have your vacation on the round lake in Michigan. East Jordan is an excellent location to take your boat to the lake and experience all that Lake Charlevoix offers. Just in case you don’t have a boat or you cannot tag it along, you don’t need to worry. East Jordan has all the boat rental companies to get you what you are looking for.

From these boat rental companies, you can get all types of boats for your lake expedition. You can use hire from as small boats as jet skis and speedboats to bigger cruise boats. You can also hire tubes, paddleboards, rafts, kayaks, and even canoes. These items range from $11 to $38 or more an hour, depending on the thing you are getting.

Winter Recreation

The winter months also provide you with some of the best recreational activities that East Jordan, MI, has to give you during your vacation. Whether your vacation is short or long, you can participate in as many activities as you can. If you are only thinking of visiting during the warmer months, now is the time to make that change.

Winter times also have a lot to offer from the lake and the entire surrounding. Some of the activities you can have include:

Snowboarding is the ultimate winter wonderland activity that you have to try in East Jordan. With the beautiful views even from the lake, you have many places where you can go skiing in Northern Michigan. There are many skiing resorts where you can show off your skills and enjoy as much as you can. Snowboarding with your friends and family makes it so much fun even if you are new to the cultural sport. You can also get lessons so that you can get to your skiing as fast as you can and enjoy it before the end of your vacation. Ski in/ski out vacation rentals are very popular vacation destinations.
Gondola Rides
If you didn’t know, you could still enjoy Gondola rides during winter. These rides are unique in East Jordan since you can enjoy them in all seasons. The Gondola rides are a great option if you are not into skiing and need something simple yet enjoyable. The views that come with this ride are astonishing. If you want to, you can choose rides that have stops so that you can take your time and absorb all the beauty that east Jordan has to offer.
Snowcat Rides
Anyone can do the snowcat rides if you are interested in exploring the snowy wilderness with a unique ride. Get everyone you want to and take your time using the snowcat through the craziest terrain. Enjoying the warm interiors through the rough terrain might be your best experience ever through the snow.

You can enjoy other activities throughout the winter snow, including snowmobiling, dog sledding, snowshoeing, ice skating, cross-country skiing, zip-lining, and fat-tire winter biking. The list is endless. The more you search for activities to do, the more activities you get to enjoy.


Whichever season you decide to visit East Jordan, you need to get the best experience ever. The time will be great if you have everything set out to avoid any mishaps along the way.
  • It is vital to make all the plans before traveling to East Jordan. Have a checklist and cover all the essentials.
  • During your East Jordan trip, remember to bring the most comfortable shoes you have. Shoes are essential to make sure your exploration journey is as efficient as possible.
  • Last but not least, have adequate finances to enjoy as much as you can and for emergencies just in case they occur.


With over 50 vacation rentals in East Jordan, Michigan, you are sure to find the type of vacation home you might be looking for. The more you do during your East Jordan vacation, the better your entire experience gets. Explore every inch of the lake and every other location with all kinds of recreational activities.
East Joran iron works is a famous local company that has contributed greatly to the area. Be sure to check out what they have done locally.