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Harbor Springs Vacation Rentals

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Secluded Harbor Springs Condo

Harbor Springs   |   3 BR   |   2 Baths
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HC19Wk33 Peaceful Harbor Cove Condo

Harbor Springs   |   2 BR   |   2 Baths
Rates Starting from

Harbor Cove #8 Near Skiing, Golf & Downtown

Harbor Springs   |   2 BR   |   2 Baths
Rates Starting from

Harbor Cove #19 Near Skiing, Golf & Downtown

Harbor Springs   |   2 BR   |   2 Baths
Rates Starting from

Harbor Cove #2 Near Skiing, Golf & Downtown

Harbor Springs   |   2 BR   |   2 Baths
Rates Starting from

Harbor Cove #14 Near Skiing, Golf & Downtown

Harbor Springs   |   2 BR   |   2 Baths
Rates Starting from

Harbor Cove #5 Near Skiing, Golf & Downtown

Harbor Springs   |   2 BR   |   2 Baths
Rates Starting from

Harbor Cove #11 Near Skiing, Golf & Downtown

Harbor Springs   |   2 BR   |   2 Baths
Rates Starting from

Harbor Springs Retreat

Harbor Springs   |   3 BR   |   2 Baths
Rates Starting from

The Hidden Chalet

Harbor Springs   |   4 BR   |   3 Baths
Rates Starting from

HC2Wk50 Harbor Cove Condo Near Ski Resorts

Harbor Springs   |   2 BR   |   2 Baths
Rates Starting from

Harbor Cove Shores

Harbor Springs   |   2 BR   |   2 Baths
Rates Starting from

Explore Harbor Springs, Michigan Vacation Rentals

Where is harbor springs, Michigan, located? It is located on the shore of Little Traverse Bay on Lake Michigan. Harbor Springs in Michigan is a charming community right at the front of the water. The quaint town is situated in a bay that has been sheltered, which gives an intimate feel. Because of its position, Harbor Springs is beautifully surrounded by natural features that are serene and lovely.

The area is a popular tourist attraction; it is a fantastic community for the residents. And the town has several attractions and amenities, including art galleries, outdoor activities, and cultural attractions. Additionally, there is a wide variety of eateries with various cuisines.

The outdoor activities include hiking, swimming, boating, water sports such as water skiing, golfing in harbor springs, and many others. In addition, the cultural calendar is packed with music concerts and theater performances that are central to the community’s entertainment. Moreover, there are beaches with significant relaxing areas and plenty of places to shop for anything and everything you need.

Harbor Springs is home to the deepest fresh-water harbor in the Great Lakes on the M-119. The road has the famous Tunnel of Trees, which forms a tunnel-like atmosphere that overlooks the picturesque Lake Michigan.

Community Overview

Harbor Springs has a population of slightly over one thousand people. However, the most vibrant season is summer which has pleasant weather. In addition, this is a favorite time for many visitors because of the number of cultural and outdoor activities available. Furthermore, the community truly comes alive at this time. Fall is another great time in Harbor Springs because of the natural changes transforming the area into fantastic beauty.

Winters are not subdued; on the contrary, all the skiing and snowmobiling make this a great area to enjoy the colder months. Spring is a beautiful time in the community as flowers bloom and people begin to partake in outdoor activities in readiness for the summer.

Why Choose Harbor Springs Vacation Rentals?

Harbor Springs vacation rentals offer several advantages over traditional hotel stays. One of the main benefits is that they provide more space and privacy for families and groups. Unlike hotel rooms, vacation rentals offer separate bedrooms, living areas, and kitchens, allowing guests to spread out and enjoy their space.

Another advantage of Harbor Springs vacation rentals is that they come fully equipped with amenities and essentials for a comfortable stay. Most rentals have kitchens, laundry facilities, and entertainment options like TVs and Wi-Fi, making them ideal for extended stays.

Harbor Springs vacation rentals are more cost-effective than hotels, especially for families or groups. Rentals can be rented for a week or more, and the cost per night decreases the longer you stay.

Finally, Harbor Springs vacation rentals offer unique and diverse accommodations catering to different preferences and budgets. From cozy cottages to luxurious waterfront estates, a vacation rental suits every need and desire.


Harbor Springs has plenty to do because the quaint community has many attractions. There are outdoor activities and cultural activities. You can visit the beach, and there are options for pet-friendly areas.

The city’s waterfront in the downtown part is vibrant, with plenty to do. It borders Lake Michigan, where you can take walks. For example, there is a park-like area where you can relax with friends, picnic tables, and a beautiful dock. Along the waterfront is a marina where you can spend a day boating and sailing. In addition, there is a sailing school for people interested in learning.

The Little Traverse Lighthouse, also known as the Harbor Springs Lighthouse or Harbor Point Lighthouse, is over one hundred years old and was used in the early 1900s. It is not open to the public, but the historical society sometimes organizes tours, which is a beautiful experience.

Plenty of art galleries with exhibitions from local and other artists throughout the year. Some of the biggest concerts in the community include the July 4th celebration, which starts with an art fair, concerts, and a parade and culminates in a mesmerizing show of fireworks. The Ice Fest in February is another prominent festival that attracts visitors.

For cultural lovers, there are two museums in the area, Harbor Springs History Museum, and the Andrew J. Blackbird Museum, which are interesting for adults and children. The local library is downtown and has a wide selection of books.

Dining in Harbor Springs

Harbor Springs has many restaurants and eateries that offer all sorts of local and international cuisines. There are fine dining restaurants that offer cuisines from all around the world, coffee shops, food trucks, and delis with delicious food.

Most eateries are child-friendly, and some allow you to dine with your pets. The nightlife is vibrant, with many options to catch up with our friends and have a drink overlooking the lake or any other part of the town. There are small pubs and nightclubs with waterfront views which is magical.

Shopping In Harbor Springs

Harbor Springs presents many options with small stores that offer a personalized experience where the shop owners are likely to know your name. The beauty of visiting the stores in the community is that you will have a unique experience with the different merchandise available, and you can get whatever you need. Moreover, the shopping district is charming to visit in the beautiful waterfront area.

You can get whatever you need in the stores, from books to art collectibles. During the summer, the stores stay open longer, and you can get anything.

The community has many Farmer’s Markets; you can get fresh, organic produce there. However, the markets may change with time and seasons, but many different locations exist. The needs are great for getting local food; in some cases, you can sample what is available there. And the seafood options are delicious and fresh and are a firm favorite for many people.

Harbor Springs Vacation Rental Homes

Suppose you are looking for great vacation homes in Harbor Springs; plenty of great options exist. Vacation rental homes are an excellent option for families that want the convenience of a great location and convenient amenities while relaxing. They are also ideal for people who plan to stay in Harbor Springs for an extended period, for instance, the whole summer.

There are waterfront homes that are near the waterfront. These homes have great views, and you may be lucky to get one with a private beach area. Homes close to the town are also available. These are incredibly convenient for people who want to be close to all the amenities.

Tunnel Of Trees

The price will range based on the house’s location, the site, the size of the house, and the amenities of the house. Harbor Springs has several hilly areas and plenty of various homes. The picturesque Tunnel of Trees provides a cozy atmosphere for homes nearby.

The cheapest rental costs will cost $950 per month for an apartment, while the more expensive costs will range up to $22,000 monthly. Renting a vacation home weekly or monthly is cheaper than paying a daily rate. Typical of the real estate market, waterfront homes are more expensive than that inland because they are highly in demand.

Off-season periods also tend to be cheaper than peak season. The peak season in Harbor Springs is July to October because of the warm weather, which is milder and very pleasant. There are also plenty of fun activities that attract people to the community.

Types Of Rental Homes

Harbor Springs has a wide variety of rental homes that you can choose from depending on your needs. One-room apartments cost an average of $1,900 monthly, while a two-bedroomed cabin at the waterfront will cost $20,000 weekly during peak season. The house, which is correct on the waterfront, has a private beach area which is a great option.

You may also opt for a house, and a three-bedroomed place that is a short walking distance from the waterfront will cost $4,100 weekly. The home sits on a sizeable lot and is close to downtown, which is an excellent option if you want to enjoy all the community offers.

There are large townhouses with plenty of room available, and a six-bedroom cottage with a private beach just next to the shoreline will cost an average of $5,500 weekly. It is conveniently located close to downtown Harbor Springs, a definite plus.

Because Harbor Springs has slightly over one thousand people, the houses have a suburban feel. You will likely find a cottage, cabin, condo, or place on a large enough lot at the waterfront or in wooded areas, which is a definite plus. Cozy homes tend to be smaller apartments and condominiums for rent in harbor springs, Michigan, but they are still large enough to accommodate small families comfortably.

Harbor Springs Schools

Harbor Springs has an excellent public school system, with some schools available for the small population. The highly-rated school district has an average student-to-teacher ratio of 14 to 1. Its balance is better than the average Northern Michigan student-to-teacher ratio of 18 to 1. Moreover, the school district does well when compared with other nearby areas.

Harbor Springs schools cater to students from informal playgroups and daycare schools to kindergarten schools. The schools cater to about 780 students in middle school and high school. There is one private school, while the rest of the four schools are public institutions.

Rental Housing Market in Harbor Springs

Because Harbor Springs is a popular tourist destination with numerous attractions, the rental market is most expensive during the high season. During peak seasons, rental prices for residences rise by an average of 25%. You should book your rental home as soon as possible to avoid disappointment.

When the town hosts significant events, such as the July 4th festival or the Taste of Harbor Springs food festival in September, tourists increase, making it more difficult to find a rental unit. It’s best to book your condo, lodge, or house at least three to four months ahead, especially if you’re visiting nubs nob during peak season. Because they have yet to be taken, the earlier you get your rental home, the more options you have.

Avoid Peak Pricing

Many winter and spring activities are available in the area, including skiing at Harbor Springs and the famed Ice Fest in February. Between November and May, Harbor  Michigan and tSprings’ off-peak season occur, and rental homes in the neighborhood are less expensive. During this time, a four-bedroom property near the town’s ski resorts may be had for $15,000 per week.

There are over a hundred downhill courses around Boyne Highlands and various rental cottages and homes. Distinct rental properties have different amenities and features. A house with air conditioning is excellent in the summer. A house with a fireplace is a nice feature if you plan to vacation in the winter.

A home with a lot is an excellent alternative for families with children and dogs who need plenty of space. Rental property is a fantastic alternative if you want to spend a lot of time downtown or near the lake.

Renting Harbor Springs Home

While renting a home is not just a convenience, it also matters what kind of home you want. There are various vacation rentals with different features and close to multiple amenities. As a result, you will enjoy your vacation in whatever season you visit.

In addition, there are plenty of rentals in Harbor Springs, and you can find different houses of various sizes. There are waterfront homes, some with a private beach area and others inland. Moreover, there are homes for rent in harbor springs with annual leases and those you can rent weekly.

Because not all rentals allow pets, you must get a place to keep pets. With so many things to do in Harbor Springs, you can find a home that fits your needs.

FAQs About Harbor Springs Vacation Rentals

Q: What types of vacation rentals are available in Harbor Springs?
A: Harbor Springs vacation rentals offer a range of options, including cottages, condos, apartments, homes, and estates. You can choose the type of rental that best suits your needs, preferences, and budget.

Q: Are there pet-friendly vacation rentals in Harbor Springs?
A: Yes, there are several pet-friendly vacation rentals in Harbor Springs. You can choose from options like Serenity Cottage, Petoskey Area Cottage, or Harbor Cove Condominiums, among others.

Q: How do I choose the best vacation rental in Harbor Springs?
A: When choosing a vacation rental in Harbor Springs, consider location, amenities, size, and budget. You can read reviews and compare options to find the rental that best suits your needs and preferences.

Q: What is the cancellation policy for Harbor Springs vacation rentals?
A: The cancellation policy for Harbor Springs vacation rentals varies depending on the property owner or management company. It’s important to read the rental agreement carefully and understand the cancellation policy before booking a rental.

Q: How do I book a vacation rental in Harbor Springs?
A: Book a vacation rental in Harbor Springs through online booking sites like

Q: What is the average cost of a vacation rental in Harbor Springs?
A: The cost of a vacation rental in Harbor Springs varies depending on the accommodation type, location, and season. On average, you can expect to pay around $500-$1,500 per night for a vacation rental in Harbor Springs.

Q: What amenities are included in Harbor Springs vacation rentals?
A: Harbor Springs vacation rentals offer a range of amenities, including fully-equipped kitchens, linens and towels, Wi-Fi, outdoor grills, and access to outdoor amenities like pools, hot tubs, and beaches.


Harbor Springs vacation rentals offer a unique and comfortable stay in one of Michigan’s most charming resort towns. Whether you’re looking for a romantic getaway, a family vacation, or an indulgent holiday in a luxurious waterfront estate, Harbor Springs vacation rentals have something for everyone. With our guide, you can choose the best vacation rental in Harbor Springs and make the most of your stay in this serene and picturesque destination.

If you’re ready to start planning your dream vacation in Harbor Springs, Northern Michigan Escapes can help you find the perfect vacation rental to suit your needs and budget. Take advantage of the opportunity to experience the beauty and charm of Harbor Springs with Northern Michigan Escapes. Please explore our website for various rental options, and book your stay today. Please feel free to contact us today.