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Lake Michigan Vacation Rentals

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Retreat in the Woods

Ellsworth   |   3 BR   |   3 Baths
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Lake Michigan Retreat

Charlevoix   |   4 BR   |   3 Baths
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Norwood Court

Charlevoix   |   3 BR   |   2.5 Baths
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Eagle's Rest

Charlevoix   |   2 BR   |   1 Baths
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Lake Michigan Vacation Rentals

All Lake Michigan Vacation Rentals, in Northern Michigan, are a beautiful place to travel and take your vacation. Moreover, the lake is one of the best lakes in the country and attracts visitors from many different states. In addition, this is one of the largest and most beautiful freshwater lakes in the country and it connects with Lake Charlevoix through the Pine River Channel. The lake has lighthouses and other attractions to explore so plan a trip today for a vacation up north on world-famous Lake Michigan

Lake Michigan is an extensive lake that borders multiple states, such as Michigan, Wisconsin, Illinois, and Indiana. Because the lake is so large, there are many locations for vacation rentals. Moreover, one city that touches Lake Michigan is Traverse City. There are many things to do in Traverse City, making it a great location for a trip to the Lake Michigan sandy beaches.

Petosky is another beautiful city in Michigan. The city offers many coastal resorts as well. Traveling to Petosky is an option for one of the best Northern Michigan escapes. In addition, Harbor Springs is another small town in Michigan. Harbor Springs is a beautiful area that offers secluded vacation rentals. If you are looking for a spot to escape reality, this spot is one of the best Lake Michigan vacations. Lastly, Charlevoix is another quaint town in Michigan. Charlevoix borders Lake Michigan, thus making it a wonderful place for a vacation.

Lake Michigan in the Winter

There are many things to do in Lake Michigan in the winter. The areas around Lake Michigan are beautiful and the woods in winter are fun to explore. In addition, other fun family activities include ice skating, sledding, and even playing in the snow. It gets pretty cold up north, so be sure to bundle up and stay warm.

If it is too cold outside to do anything, a fun way to spend time with family is staying in. There is nothing like drinking hot chocolate while watching a movie and listening to the snowfall outside the windows. As a result, there are many indoor attractions around Lake Michigan as well. From museums to local boutiques, there are many ways to have fun during winter vacation.

Lake Michigan in the Summer

There are many things to do in Lake Michigan in the summer. For example, one can explore the town where your family is staying to find fun things to do and see. Summer is the best time to be on the water. Relax on the beach and soak up some sun, or play in the water. In addition, there are boat and kayak rentals available as well.

Additionally, Michigan beaches often have massive sand dunes. These sand dunes are open to the public to climb, hike, or even ride a sandboard down the slope. If your family is old enough to drink, check out one of the many wineries in the area. However, there is nothing like wine tasting on a warm day.

There are many state parks in Michigan as well. Take your family for a picnic, a camping trip, or even go hiking. Either way, they are sure to enjoy experiencing a beautiful park in the summer. In addition, some parks might even have a waterfall for you to explore too.

Another fun attraction is the lighthouses. Michigan has numerous lighthouses. Some are still in operation and some are not. As a result, make a bucket list of the lighthouses you want to visit. In addition, some even say that a handful of these lighthouses are haunted. If you are feeling brave, visit one of them to see if you can see a ghost.

Great Northern Michigan Towns  offering Vacation Rentals

There are many options for vacation rentals in Traverse City and Boyne City. In addition, affordable options ranging from something more expensive are widely available. No matter what type of vacation rental your family is looking for, Traverse City has an option for everyone.

Traverse City is a more populous city with a population of over 15,000 people. There are many things to do in this area as well. Visitors can visit the Sleeping Bear Dunes, a local national park. The Sleeping Bear Dunes are beautiful in both the summer and winter.

This park is one of the best places to experience Lake Michigan’s sandy beaches. If your family is not as outdoorsy, check out downtown Traverse City or the Grand Traverse Commons. There are many things to do in the city, such as places to shop, eat, and visit.

Discover Petoskey

Petoskey is a much smaller city in Michigan with a population of close to 6,000 people. Moreover, it is a quaint town with a beautiful landscape. If you are looking for a Northern Michigan Escape, a vacation rental in Petoskey is the place for you. Visit one of the ten state parks or other natural attractions in the area.

No matter where you pick, Petoskey is a beautiful area that offers one of the best experiences for Lake Michigan vacations. After a day trip to a park, check out some of the great restaurants and wineries. Petoskey has a variety of rental options available to fit any budget and itinerary.

Harbor Springs

Like the other cities, Harbor Springs offers many parks and beaches for visitors. Take your family for a picnic along the harbor and relax on the waterfront. Or, head to the city center and visit some of the local shops. If your family loves to golf, check out a local golf course as well.

Another great waterfront activity is taking the local ferry. Harbor Springs is a small town with a little over 1,000 residents. If you are looking for a vacation rental that allows you to fully escape from the hustle and bustle, Harbor Springs is the place for you.

Discover Charlevoix

Charlevoix is a smaller town in Michigan with a population of about 2,500 people. The summer in Charlevoix is breathtaking. Like the other cities, Charlevoix has endless parks and waterfront activities for visitors. Take a trip to Castle Farms and experience one of Northern Michigan’s top attractions.

This is also a great location for a wedding venue. Another unique day trip idea is the Mushroom House Tours of Charlevoix. There are 28 gorgeous houses, and there are guided tours available as well. The area is incredibly unique and one of the most popular locations in the area. Charlevoix also has a variety of vacation rentals available. No matter what you are looking for, any of these four areas in Michigan can give your family the vacation of a lifetime.

Nestled along the shores of Lake Charlevoix, the small town of Boyne City is the perfect place for young families, working individuals, and retirees to settle. This cozy Midwestern community is home to approximately 3,500 residents and belongs to the greater Petoskey area.

The Boyne City, Michigan real estate market is rich with opportunity. Whether you’re searching for a brand new showcase home, a comfortable family house, or an affordable condo, you won’t be disappointed.