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Boyne City Vacation Rentals

Boyne City Vacation Rentals

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The Perfect Escape

Boyne City   |   4 BR   |   1.75 Baths
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Spacious and Cozy Home in Boyne Falls

Boyne City   |   4 BR   |   3 Baths
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107 Water Street Inn

Boyne City   |   1 BR   |   1 Baths
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314 Water Street Inn

Boyne City   |   1 BR   |   1 Baths
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307 Water Street Inn

Boyne City   |   1 BR   |   1 Baths
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309 Water Street Inn

Boyne City   |   1 BR   |   1 Baths
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311 Water Street Inn

Boyne City   |   1 BR   |   1 Baths
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208 Water Street Inn

Boyne City   |   1 BR   |   1 Baths
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315 Water Street Inn

Boyne City   |   1 BR   |   1 Baths
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109 Water Street Inn

Boyne City   |   1 BR   |   1 Baths
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110 Water Street Inn

Boyne City   |   1 BR   |   1 Baths
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111 Water Street Inn

Boyne City   |   1 BR   |   1 Baths
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Choose Your Next Adventure With Boyne City Vacation Rentals

Nestled on the shores of Lake Charlevoix, Michigan is a true gem of a small town named Boyne City. Belonging to the greater Petoskey area, Boyne City is one of the most pleasing places to be on the planet.

Boyne City is also a vacation destination that is a popular tourist attraction for outdoor enthusiasts and those who enjoy visiting new, exciting places. Unlike other vacation spots that are only available certain months out of the year, visitors can enjoy Boyne City vacation rentals all year long.

When you Visit Boyne City, you can have a fun-filled day, every day, from dawn to dusk to include a picnic at the beach in the summer, downhill skiing in the winter, hunting for mushrooms in the spring, or biking in the fall.

Some other fun outdoor activities in Boyne City include:

– Play a round of golf with friends

– Rent a bike or kayak

– Attend a concert

– Go to an art fair

– Go snow tubing

– Go mountain hiking

– Take a slide along a zip line

In the summer, popular activities include the Fourth of July celebration with a variety of things to do at the many attractions located around town. During the winter season, visitors can visit Boyne Mountain or choose from a variety of other winter activities. There is so much that this small, quaint town has to offer and you will not be disappointed by planning your next trip to visit there.

About Boyne City

The motto of Boyne City is “where life meets lake”. Located in Charlevoix County in northwest Michigan, this small town has approximately 3735 people living there and it is an outdoor lover’s paradise since it has direct access to Lake Michigan. The climate in the winter can reach cold (sometimes really cold) temperatures which are perfect for winter sports. In the summer, temperatures range from warm to hot and summers can often be quite humid, yet offer unlimited amounts of summer activities and fun.

The historic downtown area was recently added to the National Register of Historic Places. If you love shopping, you will enjoy the unique experience that the Boyne City downtown area offers because there are no cookie-cutter stores or pop up shopping mall outlets. Instead, you receive personalized service where shopkeepers greet you by name as they introduce you to their products and services.

Visitors are always delighted when they visit the quaint shopping district along the waterfront that always has convenient parking. These stores also offer personalized services such as gift wrapping, custom orders, and more. This shopping district offers so much to choose from such as:

  • Souvenirs
  • Clothing
  • Books
  • Art
  • Collectibles
  • Sports equipment
  • Home decor
  • Much more

While shopping and exploring, you will also find several spots to grab a snack, get a cool drink, or enjoy an ice cream. Most merchants in the area keep their stores open until 8 pm and sometimes remain open for later hours during the summer evenings.

Boyne City also takes pride in its festivals that are held throughout the year, yet most of them take place throughout the summer months. However, there are quite a few fall and winter events you can attend and have just as much fun. Here are a few you should check out:

  • Year’round Farmers Market
  • Morel Mushroom Festival
  • Stroll the Streets
  • Evenings @ the Gazebo
  • Boyne Thunder

Make sure to check out the Boyne City calendar of events so that you will have complete details of any upcoming events in the area.=

Year-Round and Seasonal Places to Visit in Boyne City

Horton Bay General Store

The Horton Bay General Store is a great historic place where you can eat and shop. If you want to be taken back to the past when Americans in small towns relied on general stores to get their provisions, you can still get that old American experience at this authentic general store. Get malted milk at the counter, visit the Irish pub, buy souvenirs, or you can even stay at their bed and breakfast. You should definitely check out all the amazing history in this old store that has been around since 1876.

Antiques and Home Furnishings

As you drive through Boyne City, you will find lots of amazing houses. Inside these houses, many residents have tastefully decorated rooms that are filled with antique furniture and home furnishings that came from many fine shops in the local area.

When you visit the city, you can easily pick up an antiques guide that will help you map out your shopping adventure or just do a quick search online for “Boyne City antiques”. From old advertising signs to lamps and country furniture, you will be sure to find something to take home since Boyne City is the perfect setting for antique shopping.

Art Galleries

Northern Michigan and Boyne City are a favorite among art lovers and artists. This area has often been called the “Carmel of the Midwest” because of its unique and fabulous art galleries. The Boyne City SO area (South Boyne), offers visitors a variety of art that captures the beautiful terrain and scenery of Northern Michigan and you will be able to buy something that captures your eye and take those memories home with you.

Boyne City’s Indoor Farmers Market

Make a stop at this fabulous indoor market that runs every Saturday morning beginning mid-October through mid-May from 9 am to noon. Located at The Pavilion (main floor of City Hall) in Veterans Park on North Lake Street, you can find approximately 20 vendors selling fresh produce, baked goods, syrups, wine, greens, honey, and much more.

Dining and Restaurants

There are wonderful dining options in Boyne City and the dining establishments take pride in serving delicious food with excellent customer service. You can choose from old-fashioned family restaurants, casual fine dining, waterfront dining, delis, pubs, and so much more. Whether you are looking for a leisurely lunch or romantic dinner, there is something for everyone’s palette in Boyne City. It is highly recommended that you enjoy the waterside dining for its incredible scenery and unique experience.

National Morel Mushroom Festival

Every May, there is a popular festival that is held on the weekend after Mother’s Day in Boyne City. The town fills up with hundreds of mushroom lovers to come from all over the country to get a taste of the elusive delicacy – the Morel Mushroom. This mushroom is a favorite among those who are crazy about mushrooms and they just so happen to grow abundantly in Boyne City in nearby woods and clearings.

This mushroom festival is more than just about tasting mushrooms. There is also a guided morel mushroom hunt, competitive mushroom hunt, craft show competition, educational seminars, and a lot more. Other events include:

  • Carnivals
  • Beer block parties
  • Educational seminars
  • Educational hunt
  • Wine and dine
  • Morel breakfast
  • 5K run
  • Morel-infused delicacies
  • Morel giveaway
  • Paint & Sip
  • Live music
  • Much more

Summer Recreation and Events

During the summer months, you can expect the population in Boyne City to swell to many times its original size because of the enticing charm of this area. The energy during the summer months is vibrant and exciting with many places to explore, stay, play, dine, and shop. As the temperature heats up, you can expect the summer action in Boyne City to start sizzling as well.

Young State Park

Visiting Young State Park gives you access to 560 acres of lowlands, rolling terrains, and cedar swamp. The facility includes 240 modern campsites that are spread across three campgrounds named Oak, Terrace, and Spruce.

The campgrounds are beautiful and woodsy and you will find more than enough excellent places to pitch a tent and relax in total peace and tranquility. You will also have access to a cozy and quiet beach area right on the lake where you can tan in the sand or go for a cool swim.

Some activities you can expect to take part in while visiting there include:

  • Hiking trails
  • Fishing
  • Boating
  • Jogging
  • Swimming
  • Beach volleyball
  • Many other activities

Campers enjoy visiting this state park because it is quiet, clean, and well-organized. Tent camping is encouraged and the spots you can rent are big and enjoyable. While visiting there, the vibe is relaxed and you will be able to make friends and find other campers who are helpful and cordial. You will also be happy to find nearby bathrooms that are clean and well-kept.

Fourth of July Celebration

Visitors flock to this area for the city’s annual Independence Day Celebration because it is all about having fun and honoring America’s birthday. Held every year at Veteran’s Memorial Park on Lake Street, this festival is the perfect outing for tourists and families who want to have a blast on the Fourth of July.

You can enjoy music, food, races, and fireworks all day long. The day usually starts with a 2-mile or 10k run along the lake, continues with the Grand Parade that runs on Water Street and Lake Street, and proceeds late into the evening with music, food, fun, fireworks, and more. There are so many fun events to participate in during this celebration to include:

  • Arts and crafts fair
  • Farmers market celebration
  • Kids bike and costume parade
  • Bounce houses
  • Grand Parade with the city’s Grand Marshall
  • Kids pie-eating contest
  • More kids games
  • BBQ sale
  • Live music
  • Annual duck race
  • Grand Fireworks over the lake

You can expect thousands of people to flock to the area for this event and all accommodations will be booked. Make sure to book a Boyne City vacation rental in advance to avoid paying peak season fees and high rates during this exciting event.

Lake Charlevoix Summer Activities

This top spot in Michigan is rated by readers as one of the best lakes in America according to USA Today. Not only is it well-known for its great beaches, but you can also take a jump in the lake. During the summer, the most popular activities include boating, fishing, swimming, kayaking, sailing, and paddleboarding. There are so many choices when visiting the lake, so you might have a tough time deciding what fun activity to do next.

Boyne Thunder

Every year, Downtown Boyne City celebrates a poker run. Although it appears to be a race, it is a game of chance and requires the assembly of some of the best boats you can find in the Midwest. Many local boat owners who want to run their personal offshore boat with the big rigs will also be found at this event. During attendance, you will find Poker Runners who are so anxious to get attention with their sleek, super-fast water boats while at the same time adhering to proper conduct, rules, and safety.

The Boyne Thunder Poker Run is boating at its finest as each participant navigates a carefully charted course. There are five checkpoints along the designated route and each participant is required to pick up a sealed envelope that contains a single playing card. On Saturday evening, there is a party where the cards are played just like a regular poker game. The crew that holds the best hand is declared the winner of the event! It is a truly unforgettable event for both participants and spectators.

Winter Recreation and Events

Lake Charlevoix Winter Activities

The lake also offers popular winter activities and the most popular include ice boating and ice fishing. This popular spot is also a place to enjoy the charming tree lights that are decorated around the lake during the winter season. Many people visit the lake to play in the snow while soaking in the crisp air, blue skies, and abundance of snow. When you book a fully guided trip, all of your gear is provided for you and you can choose from fishing either a half-day or full-day with the choice of a semi-guided tour.

During the ice fishing season, the lake is known by ice fishermen for producing lots of Lake Trout and trophy Cisco. Anglers are allowed to keep their catches and even kids post online some sized fish that they have caught from this lake. The best time to go ice fishing in this area is from January to March. It is also a good idea to book a trip in advance since ice fishing activities are quite popular among visitors and bookings fill up quickly.

Boyne Mountain

Winter sports lovers flock to this location every year because it is spectacular for skiing and boarding. This attraction offers a ski village along with a snow sports school that provides plenty of activities and dining for every winter lover. If you are into cross country skiing or snowshoeing, you can expect to find more trails than you can handle while visiting Boyne Mountain.

Here is a list of the most popular winter activities you can do while visiting this awesome location:

Sno-Go Biking. This activity is the perfect choice whether you want to spend all day with your friends, a companion, or just enjoy a scenic morning alone. The bikes provided for this exciting activity are designed to perform in all types of snow conditions thanks to a new Ski Technology. The friendly staff will make sure that you will have lots of fun going downhill.

The Monument. This 18-hole golf course was designed by a “who’s who” list of legendary golf course architects and it challenges players at all levels. This golf course was designed to make you focus on your game while providing you with stunning views and an experience that feels legendary.

Chairlift rides. The great thing about the chairlift rides is that they run even during the skiing off-season. All year long, the chairlift rides allow you to enjoy stunning panoramic views of Boyne Valley. In the spring, you can capture views of the lush green foliage from above. In the fall, you can soak in the brilliant colors as the leaves change.

Groomer rides. If you have ever wondered what it feels like to ride in one of those big machines that move snow, here is your chance. Get a chance to sit up high in the cab of a Snow Cat and talk with a member of the snow groomer staff while riding along as they prepare the snow for the next day’s activities.

Ski resort. There are 60 downhill ski runs to choose from in addition to seven terrain parks where snowboarders and skiiers can enjoy the winter air and push themselves to new limits.

Zipline adventure. Have fun and thrills like never before with the zipline adventure at the Adventure Center. You begin at the top of the mountain and the route takes you through trees and across slopes of the mountain. You will feel what it is like to travel 780 feet while suspended 50 ft in the air and traveling at speeds of 20 to 25 miles per hour. It is a thrill you do not want to miss.

Cross Country Skiing. There are more than 35 kilometers of cross country ski trails that weave through pine forests and natural surroundings. The ski trails are groomed and designed to test even the most seasoned skiers. Whatever your ability level, you will experience a unique skiing adventure along these trails.

Fat Tire Snow Biking. This is one of the most fun ways to ride on the snow and people in Boyne City take pride in that. Riding on the snow with a fat tire snow bike is just as easy as riding a bicycle. All that you have to do is follow the super fun five-kilometer fat tire snow bike trail system to have a fantastic time.

Horseback riding. Saddle up at the mountain’s horse stable and take an equine adventure through some of the most remote, beautiful terrain in the area. Horseback riding is for an hour and kids can take a pony ride for 15 minutes.

Horse-drawn sleigh ride. On Friday, Saturday, and Sundays throughout the winter season, visitors can experience a true winter wonderland as you bundle up and settle in for a horse-drawn sleigh ride. Some guides will include marshmallows for you to roast over a fire while sipping hot cocoa as you enjoy this wonderful experience.

Ice skating. Visit the ice rink which is located just behind the Clock Tower Lodge. Whether you are a beginner or able to carve figure eights and make moves like an Olympic gold medalist, this is a fun place for everyone to enjoy ice skating outdoors.

Snowshoeing. Visiting the Cross Country Center to begin your experience of enjoying all the beauty that winter has to offer. Travel through unexplored terrain with family and friends through four kilometers of dedicated snowshoeing trails. This is an opportunity you will not want to miss.

Tubing. From Top Notch Tube Park, you can have the most fun you have ever had sitting down. This is a popular activity that fills up fast because it is so easy. All you have to do is grab a tube, hook it onto the conveyor, turn around, and sit down. Once the lift takes you to the top of the hill, you are all set to go and have a fantastic time sliding all the way down on your tube.

Why You Should Choose Boyne City Vacation Rentals

It is smart to get a vacation rental that you can use all year long, whether you are visiting Boyne City during the winter, summer, spring, or fall. Northern Michigan Escapes offers all the comforts of home while your are on vacation in addition to providing rentals that are not limited to only parts of the year.

When you visit Boyne City, especially during the summer months, you will find out very quickly that vacation rentals often cost less than a single hotel room. In addition, vacation rentals offer travelers more value, amenities, space, and privacy than other lodging options you can find in Boyne City.

Vacation goers and those who love to travel to amazing getaways contact Northern Michigan Escapes when searching for Boyne City vacation rentals. One of the main reasons is because they provide exceptional vacation rental services so that you can feel like you are at home during your stay in Boyne City.

Northern Michigan Escapes provides unparalleled service, complimentary amenities, and concierge services to make your vacation rental a place to escape and experience total relaxation. You can also expect your rentals to have more space, privacy, and amenities than other lodging options in Boyne City.

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