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The Beach Condo Vacation Rentals

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Beach Room 107

Traverse City   |   1 BR   |   1 Baths
Rates Starting from

Beach Room 214

Traverse City   |   1 BR   |   1 Baths
Rates Starting from

Beach Room 322

Traverse City   |   1 BR   |   1 Baths
Rates Starting from

Beach Room 323

Traverse City   |   1 BR   |   1 Baths
Rates Starting from

Beach Room 325

Traverse City   |   1 BR   |   1 Baths
Rates Starting from

Beach Room 326

Traverse City   |   1 BR   |   1 Baths
Rates Starting from

Beach Room 328

Traverse City   |   1 BR   |   1 Baths
Rates Starting from

Beach Room 220

Traverse City   |   1 BR   |   1 Baths
Rates Starting from

Beach Room 218

Traverse City   |   1 BR   |   1 Baths
Rates Starting from

Beach Room 217

Traverse City   |   1 BR   |   1 Baths
Rates Starting from

Beach Room 103

Traverse City   |   1 BR   |   1 Baths
Rates Starting from

The Beach Condo Vacation Rentals Guide

When it comes to visiting the Traverse City area, you will find that there is a wide variety of The Beach Condo Vacation Rentals you can pick from to stay. One of the great options is Condotels. These places are usually overlooked by people as they are not your typical inn.

This is a much more spread-out system for guests than a fancy, over-the-top hotel. Your hotel room will be bigger, and you’ll have a kitchen and beach view, which is rare.


In a condotel, each room in your beach house rental will have a bed, a bathroom, a kitchen, and an extra bed. This means that 4 people can stay in the room at once. This area has condotel beach homes that you can rent. You can find the perfect rental and condo with a family-friendly vibe in this part of the city. Wonderful things await you during your stay.

For example, they often have their own private beach that you can go to and enjoy. In order to stay near your room, you can use the heated outdoor pool and hot tub that are on site. Do some of these other things, too. In this condo, there is a private balcony, pet-friendly vacation rentals, and a fireplace. You can go on a beach vacation there.

If you have kids, you can rest easy knowing that there are a lot of fun things for them to do. There is also a lot more space inside your condotel room if the weather is bad outside.

This is highly desirable for people who have children because it gives them a lot more room to run around.


These are some of the different activities, to enjoy while staying at any of the condotels found in the area. Below are two of the most common and popular watersport place options when it comes to watersports.

Paddle TC

This location can be found right in the heart of Traverse City, making it close to many of the condotels. You can choose from paddle boats and kayaks to get while in the area for enjoying some great water-related fun.

TC Watersports

The location of this business is a very good one as it is on one of the beaches that can be found in Traverse City. This beach can be found on East Grand Traverse Bay, and you have the chance to rent things by the hour, for half a day, or a full day.

There are many different ways you can enjoy water activities by renting from this location. Some of the things you might choose are using a pontoon boat, a speed boat, a ski boat, a jet boat, a duck boat, a fishing boat, a wakeboard boat, a kayak, a water trampoline, a paddleboard, a jet ski, or parasailing.

Art Galleries

There are a lot of art galleries in Traverse City that you can visit while you are there. Each piece of art’s made by an artist, who lives near you, in your area, and across the country. Each piece of art’s unique in more ways than one.

There are a lot of different types of art. At the galleries, you can see sculptures and photographs as well as art from all over the world, as well as works of folk art and fabric.

Different Types of Art


The Art and Soul Gallery is a great place to go if you want to see a lot of different art. Fiber, clay, glass, fabric, paper, and metal are some of the materials used to make the art in this gallery. There are also photographs, wood, paper, and paint.

There are other things in the gallery, but these are the main ones. When you visit this place, you’ll see a lot of different kinds of things. If you go to a gallery, even little kids will enjoy the different things you can see there.

Check out the arts and crafts fairs that are held all year. Old Town Arts and Crafts are one of these fairs. It takes place in downtown Traverse City every June and is right in the middle of the city.

There will be an Art and Crafts Fair in July at the National Cherry Festival, which is the next month. People from all over the Midwest are at the fair. There are more than 100 different artists there.

Bird Watching in Northern Michigan

Spring is a great time to go bird-watching because there are so many different kinds of birds in the area. For example, there will be loons and a lot of other types of birds to see and hear.

Most of the time, these birds will stay in the area until the beginning of fall, but some don’t and only stay for a short time. During the middle of April and the middle of May, a lot of migrating birds will flock to the Leelanau Peninsula, which is west of Traverse City and is home to a lot of birds.

Every peninsula and beach in the area will have a lot of these birds because they flock to them.

Places to Eat

There is a wide variety of different places to pick from when it comes to places to eat, and each of them has its own unique menu and taste. Below are some of the places that you might want to try while you are in the area.

Bay Bread

This business is in a two-story building made of pale bricks. It is a block from the beach. A person who wants to spend the day at the beach should pick this. A lot of bread’s made by the chefs at this place.

Because they also make cookies, scones, and other sweets. If you like their bread but want more things to eat, look for a cafe that uses their bread to make great sandwiches.

They serve you their own bread, but there is also a great view of West Bay and espresso drinks to choose from while you’re there.

Greenhouse Cafe

This cafe has a prime location right on the best block of Front Street. It has been around for 18 years, and it serves breakfast foods until 10:30 in the morning. Some of the types of food to enjoy are soups, salads, and sandwiches, made from scratch.

OPA! Grill, and Taproom

This is a fun place that your whole family can enjoy eating, and they are very well known for their gyros, which have a glorious flavor. The entrees to pick from at this establishment made of fish, lamb, big salads, and pasta. The tap for this place has 50 different beers and you can enjoy them along with the full par alongside your burger or other food.

Red Ginger

This place to eat has been open for 12 years, and it is by far one of the best places to enjoy some great Asian cuisine. The chefs make their food so that it celebrates what makes Asian cuisine satisfying. It’s one way to make sure they get the best ingredients and that they are grown in the area. Local ingredients, when they are in season, are used because they only want the best food for their family to eat.



If you’re from Michigan, it’s no surprise, that this area has a lot of different kinds of wine to choose from. Some great wines can be found in many different places. These are just a few of them.

Bel Lago Vineyards and Winery

Wine grapes are grown at the vineyard every year, and it’s owned by a family. The vineyard is a great place to see. It is in a place that looks out over both Lake Leelanau and Lake Michigan. 12 types of wine, made from their grapes, each with a different taste. There is a tasting room where you can try some of the wines that are ready when you visit.

Bays Estate Vineyard and Winery

The land where these vineyards lie total 111 acres. It can be found on the Old Mission Peninsula, which is a small island. This means it is in the Grand Traverse Bay, which has clear water. The property will be yours to enjoy when you get inside. You will see many beautiful things.

It looks like a house from the 1800s, but there is also a private guest house in a barn. This isn’t all that’s there: There are also beautiful gardens and vine-covered hills to see.

Each of these sights is vividly seen as you drive to the winery. It’s a good idea to stay awhile at the winery if you want to eat at the restaurant that is there for people to use.

Château Grand Traverse

The tasting room at this vineyard is a popular place that guests love to visit because of the beautiful sights it offers. The whole vineyard offers great views of the water but also over 100 acres of fantastic vineyards.

The vineyard produces a variety of wines, enjoyed by many, but they are best known for their sought-after fruit wines.



A lot of different breweries can be found in this area. This is a common thing in the city of Michigan. It’s not just these choices that you have to choose from. You can also choose from a lot of other options that aren’t on this list.

Right Brain Brewery

SoFo is a neighborhood in downtown Traverse City. This brewery can be found in the SoFo area of the neighborhood. Their main goal is to make some truly unique and interesting beers. To do this, they only use ingredients that have been grown in the area.

A great brew might have some flavor that you didn’t expect. Among other things, you could pick up the taste of asparagus or even pork.

Rare Bird Brewpub

When you go to this brewery, the food on the menu is something you’ll recognize, but it doesn’t taste as you’d expect. They have a unique but interesting style. Whenever the brewery can, they use a lot of things made near where the people who work at the brewery live

An example of this is that when possible, the malt and hops used in their beer are grown in the area.

Jolly Pumpkin Restaurant, Brewery, and Distillery

At this brewery, you can eat some unique sandwiches, homemade pizza, fish caught locally, and ribs smoked in the brewery itself, among other things. A few breweries only make small batches of their brews at a time. This is one of the few of them.

All of the spirits that are sold at this place are made by them. Some of the beers that they sell aren’t made by them. You can buy some of the brews they have made and enjoy them.

The place is on the West Bay of the Old Mission Peninsula. From a 19th-century historic house that has been renovated, but it still has a lot of its old charm.

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