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101 Pointes North Inn

Charlevoix   |   1 BR   |   1 Baths
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102 Pointes North Inn

Charlevoix   |   1 BR   |   1 Baths
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103 Pointes North Inn

Charlevoix   |   1 BR   |   1 Baths
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104 Pointes North Inn

Charlevoix   |   1 BR   |   1 Baths
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105 Pointes North Inn

Charlevoix   |   1 BR   |   1 Baths
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106 Pointes North Inn

Charlevoix   |   1 BR   |   1 Baths
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107 Pointes North Inn

Charlevoix   |   1 BR   |   1 Baths
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108 Pointes North Inn

Charlevoix   |   1 BR   |   1 Baths
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110 Pointes North Inn

Charlevoix   |   1 BR   |   1 Baths
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111 Pointes North Inn

Charlevoix   |   1 BR   |   1 Baths
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201 Pointes North Inn

Charlevoix   |   2 BR   |   2 Baths
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202 Pointes North Inn

Charlevoix   |   2 BR   |   2 Baths
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Come Visit The Pointes North Inn in Charlevoix

A Guide to Your Perfect Vacation in Northern Michigan

At The Pointes North Inn in Charlevoix, Michigan, you will find the perfect place to stay for your next trip to northern Michigan. At 101 Michigan Avenue, a small hotel with condo-style suites is in the heart of downtown Charlevoix, just north of the drawbridge. It’s just a short walk from great restaurants, first-class shopping, and beautiful beaches. North Pointes Inn has a wide range of amenities and attractions, both on the property and in the surrounding area. This makes it a great choice for a romantic getaway or a family vacation.

When you stay at Pointes North Inn, you can expect a lot of fun. Outside the Inn, we’ll talk about all the great things to do and see in and around the town and even further.

Luxury Suites

There are condo-style luxury suites with one or two bedrooms at the Pointes North Inn for families who want to stay in a place that is both comfortable and cozy. Large living rooms, mini-sized or full-sized kitchens, two-person jetted tubs, an electric fireplace (in most), screened-in porches, queen-size sleeper sofas, and central heat and air in most of the suites. Flat-screen televisions are also found in most.

Each condo has its unique decor, so each time you visit, it can feel a little different. This is because each condo has its style. The Inn also has washers and dryers, so you don’t have to bring your own. This is great if you’re staying for a long time or your family likes to do a lot of different things.


When you stay at The Inn, there are both indoor and outdoor pools for you and your family to use all year long. And don’t worry about leaving your dog or cat at home. They’ll be fine. Pointes North Inn also has pet-friendly units, so you can bring your pet with you. People at the place you’re going to should know that you have a pet. Make sure to call and let them know.

Rooms at the Pointes North Inn can be rented for a night or for a long time, and there are options for leasing them as well. The staff at Pointes North Inn wants to make your stay special, and they’re ready to help you with your special event, meeting, or any other special requests you might have.

People who have stayed at Pointes North Inn have said that it is a good value for the money, is close to shopping, restaurants, and bars, and has a nice staff.

Northern Michigan Awaits

Let’s go outside the inn’s doors and into one of the most beautiful and picturesque towns in Northern Michigan…and maybe the world. Your family will be comfortable there. As a four-season vacation spot, Charlevoix is known as one of the best in the United States. One side of town has Round Lake and a bridge to Lake Charlevoix. It’s on the other side of the lake. To live on the water in Charlevoix MI is like heaven.

In this city, Operation Petunia is one of the best ways to show off the city’s unique charm and beauty. It started in 1982 to make the city more beautiful. Every year, people from the community come together to plant these flowers and celebrate their town. Operation Petunia now has more than 450 petunia flower baskets hanging from the street lights in Charlevoix. The smell and beauty of the petunias make this experience very unique.

It All Began in 1852

People in Charlevoix started the town in 1852. Pierre Francois du Charlevoix did it. People think Charlevoix spent the night on Fisherman’s Island when there was a storm on the Great Lakes. Not an island, but a 2,678-acre park with miles of shoreline on the lake. Lake Michigan and Lake Charlevoix are near Charlevoix, which is a city in the state of Michigan. Round Lake and Pine River Complex is the way Lake Charlevoix drains into the lake that is called Lake Michigan. This building is in the middle of Charlevoix.

Activities in Charlevoix, Michigan

It’s a great place for you and your family to go all year long. You and your family are sure to find something to enjoy here.

In the winter, Charlevoix has a lot of great ski resorts and a lot of fun on the slopes. If you want to learn how to cross-country ski or snowboard, you can take ski or snowboard lessons. You can go dog-sledding, or go on a horse-drawn sleigh ride that takes you through some beautiful scenery. It’s possible to have some fun in the air with a hot air balloon ride or paragliding. You can also go ice-skating or snowmobiling to experience some of the things that people do in the winter, like that. I don’t like any of them. How about an ice climbing tour, a tubing trip, or a snow bike ride?

Summertime Fun

In addition to all the beautiful beaches, the summer has a lot of fun things to do. If you like having fun, white water rafting, ziplining, or paragliding might be right for you. For something more laid back, you could go golfing or hiking. Check out the farmers market on Thursday mornings on Bridge Street from May through October, or the Ferry Beach market on Monday afternoons from June through September to get some fresh food. You could also go horseback riding, go on a guided jeep tour, or take a hot air balloon ride.

Venetians Festival

One of the best things about vacationing in Charlevoix in the summer is getting to see the Venetians Festival in late July, which is a big deal in the area. There was a boat parade with candles on it more than 80 years ago. It has become a week-long event that celebrates the summer and draws a lot of people of all ages every year. Most of the events are held in the waterfront parks or near the lakes that are near the city.

At The Venetians Festival, there are a lot of free things to do. There is daily music, parades, activities for kids, and fireworks. In the middle of the festival, the Venetian Games have tournament-style activities for kids and teens who want to play games like golf and tennis. They also have games like soccer, running, sailing, volleyball, basketball, and boarding for adults. Your kids who like to play the guitar or the drums can play in the Battle of the Bands.

Kids Day

During Kids Day at the lake, there are a lot of fun things for kids to do, like play with bubbles and pony rides. There are also crafts, inflatable climbs, and bubble fun.

At the festival, you won’t want to miss the boat parades that happen at night. Some of these boat moves, are decorated and have lights on. Also, Round Lake has Aqua Palooza, which is a great party for boats.

The Charlevoix Venetian Festival Queen is crowned at the end of the festival, and there are a lot of fun things to do around this. There will be two nights of fireworks and floats in this parade, so if you like street parades, you won’t want to miss this one. People will line the streets to see the parade and the fireworks.

Things to Do in Charlevoix, Michigan

Charlevoix also has a lot of unique things for visitors to do. Because it’s so different from other tours, it’s one of the most interesting. This collection of private residential homes was made by Earl Young, an architect who didn’t go to school. If you like whimsical and old-fashioned architecture, you’ll want to check it out.

It looks like they came straight out of your favorite fairy tale. People call them mushroom homes or hobbit homes because they look like they belong in a story. When Young built each house, he used stones and boulders that lined the Northern Michigan coast.

Castle Farms

At 5052 M-66 is Castle Farms, another place you should visit while in Charlevoix. This historic property, which was built in 1918, is the perfect place for a wedding, as well as giving visitors a tour of its beautiful castle and huge grounds. There are a lot of chances to take pictures here. When you go to Castle Farms, you can see more than 2500 feet of track with Michigan’s largest outdoor model railroad track, which is also very big. As a bonus, Castle Farms has a great War I Museum that has photos, toys, and documents that were made during this time.

Castle Farms is also home to 1918 Cellars Wine Tasting Room and Bistro, which serves wine and food. 1918 is in the Queen’s Tavern at Castle Farms. They have wine tastings and can sell glasses and bottles of their Michigan-made wine.

Wine Region

It might be fun for adults to go on a Petoskey wine tour. In 2016, the U.S. government made this area a viticultural area of national importance. When you visit the Petoskey Wine region, you’ll find 14 different family-run wineries. One of them is the 1918 Cellar at Castle Farms. It’s a good area for wine because it has a lot of wineries that specialize in making unique, award-winning, deep-flavored wines from grapes that thrive in cooler weather.

In addition to the beautiful setting of the vineyards, the wineries in this area are known for their hospitality in the Midwest. You can tour the wineries on your own, at your own pace, or you can book one of the many guided tours in the area.

Charlevoix South Pier Light Station is at 2 Grant Street in Charlevoix. It’s worth a visit while you’re in the city. Enjoy the great views of Lake Michigan from a lighthouse there. You can also watch the ships go in and out of the channel as you walk out to the lighthouse. Another good thing to do on the pier is to fish or look at the sunset. Make sure you have your fishing license with you when you go.


With all the things you’re going to do in Charlevoix, you and your family are going to be hungry. And don’t worry, just a short walk from Pointes North Inn are some great restaurants that serve unique and tasty food and drinks made with local ingredients.

Near the Pointes North Inn, Smoke on the Water is less than a half-mile away. It’s at 103 Park Avenue. If you like barbecue, you’ll love the meats at Smoke on the Water. They’re cooked for a long time. They slow cook their meat in a smoker outside the restaurant, and it takes a long time to do it. Food at Smoke on the Water is tasty and made from scratch, like the Challah bread in their drunken french toast.

There is another place to go when you want to have a good meal. Scovie’s Gourmet is another place. Scovie’s is less than a quarter-mile from the Pointes North Inn. It is at 111 Bridge Street. As a small-town cafe, Scovie’s Gourmet serves home-cooked food in a cozy, old-world setting. People who go to Scovie’s love the small-town vibe, the reasonable prices, and the tasty food.

A Northern Michigan Treasure – Staffords

Stafford’s The Weathervane Restaurant is just a few steps away from Pointes North Inn. It’s at 106 Pine River Lane, and it’s in the same neighborhood. Try Stafford’s if you want to see the water uniquely. There are a lot of interesting things about the architecture of Stafford’s because it was built as a grist mill first. Their signature and local food are served in a casual setting along the Pine River Channel in downtown Charlevoix.

That French Place is another unique and tasty place to eat. A quarter-mile from the Pointes North Inn, 212 Bridge Street is. That French Place is in the same area. They serve crepes the same way they do in Paris. Having crepes in a cone means you can eat them while you’re out and about. You can walk around the town or the beach while you eat them, and they won’t get in the way.

You can get breakfast crepes at That French Place that are filled with things like ham or spinach. There are sweet crepes that are filled with things like chocolate and coconut, apple and cinnamon, Nutella and banana, or strawberry and chocolate. It’s a good place to go if you want to get good service, good crepes, and good vibes.


The next time you’re in the mood for something sweet, Brian’s Ice Cream Experience at 220 Bridge Street should be your next stop. Brian’s has ice cream and macarons that are made from scratch and made in small batches. It turns out that a lot of their ingredients come from the farmer’s market that is right next door. This place has some very unique ice cream flavors. Some of them are salty caramel or salted caramel. Visitors to Brian’s love their unique and tasty flavors and fresh ingredients.

Petoskey and all it has to offer are just twenty minutes away if you want to change things up. Petoskey is a town on the coast that is known for its natural beauty, Victorian architecture, and historic shopping district. A trip to Petoskey from Charlevoix would be a great idea because it has marinas, boat rentals, parks on the water, and unique shops and galleries. There are also ice cream shops, restaurants with live music, and many breweries.


Have we made you want to go to Pointes North Inn in Charlevoix? In your condominium suite, there are so many things to keep everyone happy and comfortable. As a bonus, it’s in the middle of Downtown Charlevoix, which is full of things to do and see. You won’t be bored or hungry at all! Charlevoix is so big that it would be almost impossible to see everything in one trip. Charlevoix is a great place to do the things you love and try new things that might become your new favorite things.

Pointes North Inn is in Charlevoix, Michigan, on the shores of one of the most beautiful Great Lakes. Make it your next vacation spot. You will make a lot of happy and long-lasting memories here!

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