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A Beautiful Yard is More than a Lawn

At Northern Michigan Escapes we understand that it takes more than a well-manicured lawn to create a beautiful yard. But our team can bring your yard to life. Our northern Michigan landscaping services include:

Hand Weeding Services

Need help keeping your garden free of weeds? Try hand weeding services by an experienced local northern Michigan company.

More Love, Less Labor
Gardens and flower beds are like children: They are a joy to watch grow up but, boy, do they take a lot of work. Especially when you only have so much time, energy, and patience for those down-and-dirty gardening duties. However, at Northern Michigan Escapes, we care for your garden like one of our very own and love to get dirt under our fingernails.

Professional Hand Weeding
In addition to hand-pulling weeds—including those deep dandelion taproots or the extensive rhizomes of the dreaded Creeping Charlie—Northern Michigan Escapes gardening crews employ an array of tools to dig, scoop, pull, and wrestle weeds (and their pesky roots) into submission and out of your garden. From Rototillers to Bobcat front loaders, we have the right cultivating equipment for the job.

Upon request and only if necessary, we utilize chemical weed controls (RoundUp®, for example) to cleanse entire areas. After which, we recommend adding a solution, such as Preen®, to prevent new weeds from seeding.

The idea of easy, weed-free gardening starting to take root in your imagination? Fabulous. Northern Michigan Escapes is happy to provide a helping hand, starting with a free detailed estimate. To receive yours call (231) 459-3322.

lawn guru lawn care

A Word from the Guru of Lawncare

A healthy bed of mulch does wonders for weed reduction. However, you’ll want to consider Northern Michigan Escapes for your mulch upkeep needs, from simple delivery to full application.

Mulch Care Services

Professional mulching services for DIYers and OMGers.

In a complicated relationship with your mulch?
We love mulch, too. Beyond the obvious aesthetic benefits, it discourages weed germination and growth, and helps keep your soil moist and temperate during dry stretches. (Let’s face it—nobody likes living with a stressed-out garden.) Plus, during cold winters, it protects plant roots from the ravages of frost. On the other hand, keeping it looking its best requires no small amount of TLC.

Professional Mulching Services Made Just For You
Whether you need intensive mulching counseling services or are a passionate do-it-yourselfer, our answer is “Yes.” Northern Michigan Escapes mulching services experts are committed to providing prompt delivery and caring installation of a wide variety of premium natural or color-enhances mulches—for better and for beautiful.

We want you to have a long, happy relationship with your mulch and your lawn. For a detailed mulch care service estimate call (231) 459-3322.

lawn guru lawn care

A Word from the Guru of Lawncare

Did you know Spring is the most dangerous time for plant and shrub damage? The warm sun coaxes plants out of dormancy when Old Man Winter decides to give it one last go and slaps a hard freeze down. A thick layer of mulch provides an insulated barrier against such nasty temperature spikes.

Professional Trimming & Pruning Removal

Take back your yard from troublesome tree shrubs and plants.

When Properties Go Wild.
When the trees and shrubs you’ve grown to love are growing out of control, give Green Horizons a call. From “a little off the top” projects and single “resets” of overrun outdoor areas to comprehensive cleanups after major storms, our trimming, pruning and removal teams are specially trained and fully equipped to tame the most unruly terrain.

Trimming and Removal Professionals that Clean Up Well
One consistent comment we hear from our customers is how courteous our crews are on the job. We expect nothing less. After all, a well-manicured yard starts with well-mannered professionals who know how to clean up after themselves

Don’t let the madness grow on any longer. To ask for your free detailed estimate, simply click here or call (231) 459-3322.

lawn guru lawn care

A Word from the Guru of Lawncare

Have a custom trim or specific details in mind? Let us know and we can set up a convenient walk-through with our shrub artist at the time of service.

Lawn Irrigation and Sprinkler Care

Professional lawn irrigation and sprinkler services keep you awash in beauty all season long.

Water is the Lifeblood of Your Lawn
Without complete, consistent distribution of moisture, your lawn will slowly but surely die off. However, there is no need to worry as Northern Michigan Escapes professionals offer years of combined experience navigating the toughest lawn care challenges. In addition, we are steeped in the latest “water smart” irrigation installation and maintenance techniques.

Lawn Irrigation and Sprinkler Care by People Who Care
Whether you need irrigation maintenance services, and repairs, or are considering a full sprinkler installation, you’re in good hands with Northern Michigan Escapes. For example, below are just a few of the ways we keep the water flowing and your lawn growing.

Whether you need a one-time repair—small or large, we’re ready to help—or a free estimate for year-round services call (231) 459-3322.