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Lawn Care

We Care For Your Lawn Like You Would

Our commitment to your lawn goes farther than just mowing and raking leaves. We want your lawn to be the best on the block. So our lawn care services include:

Custom Lawn Fertilization Program

The right fertilizer in the right amount at the right time.

The Right People for the Job
Fertilizer is food for your lawn. And nobody knows how to serve it up quite like the expert fertilizer teams from Northern Michigan Escapes. At key intervals throughout the season, our trained technicians will arrive at your home to apply specially calculated rates of premium granular fertilizer—the nutrients your lawn needs to maintain its rich soil and lively appearance. 

Our Custom Programs
Applying fertilizer is a science. And, if you don’t have the time or the right equipment, it can be a lot of work. Some additional food for thought: Have Northern Michigan Escapes coordinate all of your lawn care needs. We have the tools and expertise to custom-build and carefully maintain a healthy, vigorous lawn.

Find out firsthand what difference Northern Michigan Escapes Custom Lawn Fertilization program can make for your lawn. To receive your free customized estimate call (231) 459-3322.

lawn guru lawn care

A Word from the Guru of Lawncare

Our Standard Fertilization Program is the essential ingredient for a healthy lawn and rich soil. So, just give us a call or email us today to see what unique lawn care recipe our experts can cook up exclusively for your property.

Weed Control Green Zone

Protect your lawn and our environment from weeds, insects, and disease

Maximum Health, Minimal Chemicals
Declaring an all-out war on weeds, pests, and disease is so 20th century. We prefer a more integrated approach to managing problem plants and pests (IPM), led by your team of experienced Northern Michigan Escapes technicians.

These are people who know your neighborhood and the nuances and microclimates of your yard like the back of their green thumbs—professionals who don’t apply fertilizer by the truckload but, rather, employ scientifically sound and environmentally sensitive practices to deliver far more effective results.

Weeds, Insects, or Disease? No problem.
Reducing the stress on your lawn is job one. Optimal growth of grasses which naturally “choke out” problem plants and pesky bugs and diseases requires a smart blend of fertilizer, proper mowing, and watering methods, plus aeration and dethatching. The best part: In fixing one problem, this method doesn’t create an even bigger one.

Learn more about what you can do to rid your lawn of problem weeds, insects, and disease while being responsible to the environment. For a free detailed estimate call (231) 459-3322.

lawn guru lawn care

A Word from the Guru of Lawncare

Did you know the warmer temperatures and higher humidity in Northern Michigan over the past two decades are mostly due to warmer overnight lows? However, herein lies the problem: Fungi in your lawn thrive in warm, moist conditions, and the longer it stays warm and wet, the more trouble it causes for your lawn.

Core Aeration Experts

Help your lawn breathe easier and grow with core aeration.

Committed to Healthy Lawns Northern Michigan Escapes has been committed to making your life easier and your lawn healthier. However, providing timely core aeration services is just one important way we deliver on that promise.

Core aeration is one of the most critical processes you can perform to help keep your lawn looking healthy and strong. (We know; the area’s nicest golf course superintendents perform core aerations up to twice a year on fairways and greens.) In addition, it is especially important for compact, heavy, or clay soils.

How It Works
“Plugs” are mechanically pulled from your lawn, creating holes up to 2 ¾” deep throughout the property. (Think of them as ventilation shafts and water catches for the organics that grasses depend on) As a result, this helps to reduce soil compaction that prevents roots from growing deeper and stronger.

Want to dig a bit deeper into core aeration? We thought you’d never ask. For more information on how Northern Michigan Escapes lawn care professionals stand ready to resuscitate your lawn and a detailed estimate call (231) 459-3322.

lawn guru lawn care

A Word from the Guru of Lawncare

Nothing enhances the value of your fertilization more than core aeration (yes, that rhymes) performed prior to the fertilizer. Aerate + Fertilizer + Water = Peace, Love, and Happylawniness (yes, I made that up).

Lawn Dethatching

Free your lawn from the grip of dead grass with scheduled dethatching services.

Too Much of a Good Thing
Thatch is a classic case of “too much of a good thing.” In fact, up to a ½” of thatch is useful for keeping your soil cool and moist. However, it can prevent water and nutrients from moving down into the soil—in effect, strangling your lawn and making it more susceptible to disease and insect damage. Add stress from drought, mowing wear and tear, plus fertilizer and weed control, and things start to get scary.

Dethatching Services
During spring clean-up, a regular raking will usually do the job. But lawns with a thatch issue may need heavy-duty attention. In these cases, we use a dethatching vertical mowing machine—the best technology for the task. It is a gas machine with a row of moving blades that cuts grooves into the thatch, making it easier to pull up.

We highly recommend adding dethatching for “thatch” yards prior to performing seeding.

When it comes to explaining the difference professional dethatching services from Northern Michigan Escapes can make for your lawn, we’ve just scratched the surface. Moreover, to continue the discussion or for a detailed estimate call (231) 459-3322.

lawn guru lawn care

A Word from the Guru of Lawncare

If your lawn requires a complete renovation, rather than ripping up “oldies but goodies” roots and starting from scratch with new sod we often recommend a seeding process. However, for a lawn that really sings, dethatch prior to core aeration and overseed.

Lawn Repair and Enhancement

Make your lawn look like a million bucks with professional repair and enhancement services.

We have the technology. We have the capability. Your lawn, soil. A yard barely alive. But we can rebuild it. Together with Northern Michigan Escapes repair and enhancement experts, we can revive specific areas of your lawn or, if necessary, start over and make it better than it was before—greener, stronger, fabulous-er.

Professional Lawn Seeding Repair and Enhancement
We specialize in the proper preparation of the seeding area to ensure seed-to-soil contact and successful germination. However, depending on the site, our experienced crew will select the right type of seed for your law. For example, incorporating more disease-resistant Kentucky bluegrass varieties in sunny areas and mixes with more perennial ryegrass or fescues for heavier shaded areas.

Our Lawn Doctor Makes House Calls
If your lawn requires more extensive Lawn Renovation or Sod work, make an appointment with our resident lawncare Guru. For a $65 fee, we will arrange a time that is convenient for you to have our expert come to your home, analyze your property, and prescribe a plan. You feel better already.

Superhuman results from some pretty superhumans (if we do say so ourselves). For your free detailed estimate call (231) 459-3322.

lawn guru lawn care

A Word from the Guru of Lawncare can’t make the sun shine or guarantee good temps, but we can give you some watering tips to have the most seeding success. If you have a sprinkler system and need a little help programming for a seeding water schedule, our irrigation technicians can set up a specialized “seeding” program for most controllers.