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Lawn Maintenance

We Maintain Your Lawn Like You Would

We didn’t plan on becoming Lawn Maintenance specialists. However, now that we are, Northern Michigan Escapes is committed to making sure your lawn looks its very best. Let our expert lawn care team bring your lawn to life. Our lawn maintenance services include:

spring cleaning lawn maintenance

Spring Cleanup

Weekly Yard Mowing

Yard Work Professionals Who Operate Around the Clock

Clean and green from the word go
Summer doesn’t last forever. Don’t worry. Our team of friendly, trained, and reliable lawn care professionals make every second count. Each week, they see to it that your lawn looks its best—arriving on time to mow your grass, trim around trees and along the edges, while never cutting corners. Lawn mowing services surpass your expectations for less than you’d expect. Not a bad way to spend your summer, if you ask us.

A Lawn Mowing Service That Doesn’t Cut Corners
There are plenty of people who will mow your lawn for cheap. At Northern Michigan Escapes, we take great care to give your lawn that manicured look while doing everything we can to keep our services from cutting into your budget. Choose the level of perfection that suits you best. (Sorry, we won’t budge when it comes to quality.)

For a free detailed estimate call (231) 459-3322.

Leaf Removal Pros

Leaf removal service in a league all of its own

Fall is Our Crunch Time
From the moment the first leaf hits the ground, Northern Michigan Escapes leaf removal teams are off and running—so you don’t have to even think about raking. Instead, just kick back and watch the magic happen as the most well-coached leaf removal crew in town makes your leaves disappear, right before your eyes.

Professional Leaf Removal Services with A Personal Touch
Our experience and techniques enable us to take on the biggest fall cleaning jobs. We utilize a combination of tools, rakes, blowers, and vacuums to ensure that every inch of your lawn and landscaping is good going forward. And then there’s our positive, helpful attitude. When it comes to preparing your property for winter, you’ll be glad we’re on your side.

Learn more about the best leaf removal team in town. For a free detailed estimate call (231) 459-3322.

Spring Cleanup

The first responders of spring lawn cleanup

Rescuing Yards from Winter
Each spring, thousands of homeowners put out the call—Old Man Winter has released his hold on humanity. Now the question is how to get a grip on your lawn during this critical growing period. Trained Northern Michigan Escapes lawn care experts stand ready to give your property the spring refresher course—from leaf removal to landscaping repair—it needs to grow healthy and green all season long.

Refreshingly Thorough Spring Lawn and Landscaping Clean-up Services
Removing matted down areas during spring allows air and water into the soil, for a greener, healthier yard. Timing is of the essence. For best practices, your Northern Michigan Escapes lawn care team will coordinate services to occur in precisely the right order—even if that means waiting to begin until the ground fully thaws and moisture levels are perfectly balanced.

For lawn aficionados, spring is where it’s at. Learn more about how Northern Michigan Escapes helps you take full advantage of this key growing season. For a free detailed estimate call (231) 459-3322.

Expert Lawn Edging

The simple way to keep your lawn and flower beds looking sharp

Lawn Care Service on the Cutting Edge
Just like your lawn naturally wants to grow beyond the boundaries you’ve set for it, your Northern Michigan Escapes lawn care team goes out of its way to give your yard a clean, detailed appearance using the most advanced edge-cutting equipment available. Helping you do the little things that make a big difference—for us, it’s the definition of service.

Lawn Edging Deep Thoughts (Sort of)
We suggest cutting to a depth about 3 inches, first in the spring when the growing season begins then monthly for optimal appearance. Consider also adding an edge or border to your lawn.

For further insights into edging best practices and a free detailed estimate call (231) 459-3322.

Gutter Cleaning Gurus

Roof and Gutters Cleaned with Care and the Occasional Leaf Blower

Clean gutters equal happy homeowners.
Step away from the ladder and step up to a higher level of peace of mind, as Northern Michigan Escapes Lawn Maintenance experts ensure rainwater drains properly off your roof and away from your home. Yeah, it’s a dirty job. But we never leave a mess. And, frankly, we love getting our hands dirty.

Clear & Flush Worry Away with Professional Gutter Cleaning Services
Most homeowners can get away with simply having our team clear the debris from their gutters. And we’re more than happy to do so. But if you can’t remember the last time your gutters were cleaned, you may want to choose our Clear & Flush option.

To learn more about Northern Michigan Escapes professional gutter cleaning services including a free detailed estimate call (231) 459-3322.