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North Shore Inn Vacation Rentals

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301 North Shore Inn

Traverse City   |   2 BR   |   2 Baths
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305 North Shore Inn

Traverse City   |   2 BR   |   2 Baths
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304 North Shore Inn

Traverse City   |   2 BR   |   2 Baths
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306 North Shore Inn

Traverse City   |   2 BR   |   2 Baths
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307 North Shore Inn

Traverse City   |   2 BR   |   2 Baths
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308 North Shore Inn

Traverse City   |   2 BR   |   2 Baths
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309 North Shore Inn

Traverse City   |   2 BR   |   2 Baths
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102 North Shore Inn

Traverse City   |   2 BR   |   1 Baths
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103 North Shore Inn

Traverse City   |   2 BR   |   1 Baths
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201 North Shore Inn

Traverse City   |   1 BR   |   1 Baths
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202 North Shore Inn

Traverse City   |   1 BR   |   1 Baths
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203 North Shore Inn

Traverse City   |   1 BR   |   1 Baths
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North Shore Inn Vacation Guide

The North Shore Inn is just one of the many lodging options that can be found and enjoyed in the Traverse City area. It is by far one of the best choices with everything that it offers its guests in terms of the outdoor pool, fast internet, and gorgeous private beach. It also is in a prime location, meaning you will be right secluded from the hustle and bustle of downtown but enough close to the heart of all the action so as not to miss anything.

One of the stars of the attraction that can be enjoyed while in this area is all Lake Michigan has to offer. For example, people can enjoy hiking on all the different and unique trails that can be found all around Traverse as well as partake in a variety of water sports.

There are even trails that can be used for biking if that is something that you enjoy. If you are worried about being hungry while enjoying the city, then you need not worry as there are plenty of dining options as there are plenty of restaurants to choose from.

North Shore Inn

This inn is made up of a bunch of condominiums, and there is a total of  27 condominiums. There are both 1 bedroom and 2 bedroom choices, which makes this a great choice for families as there is a separate room for the children. It also means it is good for a group of friends as they could all have their own lodging within the same complex.

The location of the North Shore Inn makes it a beachfront option that allows you the chance to take in the beauty offered. You take in these sights by using your very own private balcony or while enjoying the outdoor pool that is heated so it can be used longer in the year. There is also a world famous Lake Michigan sandy beach to be enjoyed on at the North Shore Inn.

Some of the other things that you can enjoy while staying at this inn is that it is smoke-free, offers all of its guests HBO, and each room comes with a DVD player. Some other things that are offered are a full kitchen in each room and a laundry room that is coin-operated.

Year Round Activities

This is a quick breakdown of some of the things that you can enjoy doing and visiting during your stay at the inn, but these are by far not the only things. Each of them is unique in its own way, and you will never be bored with a wide range of options for activities.


Skiing is one of those activities that is very prominent in this area, and it is often referred to as the style of life for Traverse. The most popular spot for skiing that can be found in Traverse City is Hickory Hills. This place is a favorite because it has 8 different downhill runs that provide 5 rope tows. A smaller ski area than say Boyne Mountain Resort, it offers a great place to learn a fun outdoor sport.

Sleeping Bear Dunes

This is the best park for people who enjoy hiking with all the areas that it offers to guests. You can choose between traveling to the Manitou Islands, which is a very short distance from the shore of Lake Michigan, or scaling a dune that can be found in the area.

Summer Activities

There is nothing better to do during the summertime than make wonderful new memories while enjoying activities that can only be enjoyed during this magical timeframe. For example, you might enjoy biking along the beautiful trails that can be found.

There are plenty of chances to play a fun game of golf with the promise of a cool beer to enjoy afterward. During the summer season, the majority of the golf courses that can be found all around the United States end up sweltering, but the ones in and around Grand Traverse county are always cool and comfortable.

Traverse has long summer days because of where it is located, which is right on the western edge of the eastern time zone and as far north as the light of midsummer day can stay around to almost 10 at night.

Beaches are of course one of the most common summer activities, and this area has many of them. The beaches located along the northern part of Michigan offer great sand and water that will not contain any saltiness.

All over the bay area, there are picturesque views that offer a beautiful sight on summer days whether they are sunny or cloudy.

Downtown Traverse

The downtown area of Traverse is definitely worth checking out while you are staying at the North Shore Inn. This is because it is one of the best shopping experiences you can have with it being built on a close scale that has 150 different places that can be enjoyed.

This area contains some interesting boutiques that provide a lot of different shopping opportunities. There are also a lot of different restaurants that can be enjoyed that give you a large variety of choices of food for dining.

If you are into enjoying some great art, then you can easily check out the different galleries. There are multiple galleries to enjoy that will give you plenty of art to view. If you prefer something a lot more social, then there are opportunities for that as well.

You can easily pick up a nice cup of coffee or a latte before finding a comfortable place to sit outside. This allows you the chance to enjoy watching all of the other people who are visiting the area.


The Traverse area will offer you the chance to enjoy several museums that are rather impressive even for their small size. They are not the only museums though that can be enjoyed while you are in the area as there are many.

A lot of the museums in this area feature a lot of history with unique artifacts that were once used in days that are now long gone.

The Dennos Museum has a very impressive display of sculptures, paintings, and drawings that have been done by Inuit artists that are from the Canadian arctic. These artists have made the biggest and historically complete collections that can be enjoyed.

If you are into music and learning about the history of music, then you will enjoy the Music House Museum in Acme Houses. It has a large collection of mechanical musical instruments that work completely.

The Eyaawing Museum and Cultural Center is located in Peshawbestown and is just south of Suttons Bay. It features not only the culture but also the history of the local Ottawa and Chippewa Indians, making this a very unique and knowledgeable experience.

Great Lakes Children’s Museum

This is one of the largest museums that can be enjoyed by children of all ages. This is a great choice for people who have children, young and old, as it is a museum that is geared towards helping children learn new skills. It will help children form a strong foundation of lifelong learning through the form of playful exploration.

Children that are ages 1 to 4 will have the chance to enjoy many different stations that allows them to learn while they are playing. Some of the stations that can be enjoyed are skill-building, making it one of the best activities to enjoy.

Throughout the museum, there is a wide range of different stations that you will find, and each of these stations encourages kids to build things. By encouraging them to build things, they are enhancing their fine motor skills while they are learning.

Some of the kinds of materials that you will see at these stations for building are wood blocks, duplos, soft blocks, Magna Tiles, and stacking robots. These easy materials allow the child to play while they are working on their fine motor skills and learning something new.

As for the children who are aged between 5 and 8, some stations will teach them something different and more complicated to fit their age level. Up Periscope is one of these stations that allow children to use math, learn about maritime history, and use their language skills.

The windows that can be found high up in this museum allow you the chance to view the Heritage Harbor that is located in Grand Traverse Bay. One of the most unique experiences of this museum is that it has a Museum Lighthouse where you can go inside it and go to the top.

This allows you the chance to see items that are only placed in this area. If you carefully and thoroughly look closely in this area, you might get the privilege of finding a smurf or even 2. Now, that will be an experience you will not forget.

Some of the stations that can be found in this museum are great for children ages 1 to 8 to enjoy, and while they are having fun playing they will also be learning together. One of the newest exhibits that can be enjoyed is called Life Cycle of a Cherry.

This area alone has many different things that you can do alongside your child. For example, you and your child can learn how cherries first came to Michigan. It is rather interesting to learn why they grow so well in the Grand Traverse Bay area.

You can grow your very own orchard in 3 different season options using a unique and fun flip wall matching game. There is even a station that will allow you to learn if there are any similarities between the human race and trees.

Children can have fun learning all about the different kinds of critters that live underneath trees. They get to learn this while having fun crawling around in fun tunnels. The National Cherry Festival Market allows you the chance to try selling cherry related products.

You get to try and deliver these products to your customers using the Hagerty Hauling Company. This is done by enjoying the company’s truck display that will give you a whole new experience.

Historic Sites

There are plenty of reminders of the past times that can be found in abundance in this area, such as some humble mission churches, lonely lighthouses, and even some grand homes. These homes were once lived and still are by families of people who made their fortune out of shipping timber from the vast forests.

Dougherty Old Mission House

One of these homes is the Dougherty Old Mission House, which is a historic site that was built back in 1842. It was the home of Peter Dougherty, the local reverend, and his very fast-growing family. The mission on the other hand was actually established back in 1839.

The house ended up having to be restored to resemble what it once looked like in the early history of the region.

Grand Traverse Commons

The building that is located on this property was once known as the Traverse City State Hospital. It is advised that you plan a whole day to take in the historic sites that can be found at this one location. It has many beautiful buildings that can be enjoyed.

There is even a fun tour you can take of the tunnels found on the property, which are well known to all the locals. You can even enjoy a nice and relaxing time sitting at one of the many outdoor patios.


There are microbreweries, taprooms, and brewpubs that you can enjoy while in the area. You can use them to host a special event if you want, but you can also just visit them to sample some of the craft beers that are made.

In the summer and fall seasons, you can tour some of the breweries on a unique guided tour. This gives you the chance to learn the history of them while getting to sample what they offer. Three tours are considered the most popular.

Three of these tours are the Kayak Brewery Tours, the Brew Bus, and the Traverse City Wine and Beer Tours. These are not the only tour options though for people who want to enjoy breweries. These tours allow you the chance to enjoy the sights of the city while enjoying great beer.

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