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Mullet Lake Vacation Rentals

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Mullett Lake All American Memories

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Mullet Lake Vacation Rentals

About Mullet Lake
In Michigan, you will find Mullet Lake in Cheboygan County. This natural phenomenon holds number five in the list of the largest lakes in the state of Michigan. It covers an extensive area of about 70 sq. kilometers. Other dimensions of Mullet Lake are a length of 16km and a width of 6.4km.

The name ‘Mullet’ was given to the lake after a federal survey was done in the area between 1840 and 1843 by John Mullet and William A. Burt. There is also a neighboring lake that was named after Burt. However, the lake’s name has appeared differently on maps, including Mullet’s Lake and Mullett’s Lake.

The lake is fed by the Indian River, Mullet Creek, Little Pigeon River, and Pigeon River. The Cheboygan River acts as the lake’s outlet on the northeastern side. This inland water way served as an important Native American trade route before it was opened to recreational boat traffic.

For the lovers of fishing, the lake offers a wide variety of fish. These include splake, smelt, brown trout, lake trout, brook trout, yellow perch, walleye, smallmouth bass, and largemouth bass. The lake’s most notable fish is the lake sturgeon, whose state record specimen was taken from Mullet Lake .

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Mullet Lake Summer Recreation
The summer season is the perfect time of the year for outdoor activities. You can go out for beach walks, picnics, fishing, and playing golf with your family. It is during summer that even your pet enjoys quality outdoor walks and play.

While enjoying your vacation at this lake, you and your family can indulge yourselves in some enjoyable and exciting summer activities. The outdoor activities that you can take up at Mullet Lake  during the summer include:

Mullet Lake offers a serene and exquisite ground for fishing enthusiasts. As mentioned above, this water body is home to various fishes, which ensures that you don’t go home empty-handed after a fishing session.

Grab your baits and fishing line, and get ready for an experience of a lifetime. Some of the most common fish species on Mullet Lake include smelt, walleye, perch, bass, and yellow perch.

Water Sports and Golf Playing
Mullet Lake is pretty wide, and it is the fifth-largest inland water way in Michigan. Therefore, you can be sure that the lake is ideal for different sports such as water skiing, tubing, boat racing, or just cruising as you enjoy the scenic homes and cottages erected on the lake’s edge.

You will find many attractive golf courses in the Indian River area where you can flex your muscles with a golf game.

It doesn’t matter if you understand golf or not. Indian River Golf Club and the Big Bear Adventures for family fun are located in the Indian River region. Try out basketball and volleyball at the courts found in the Aloha State park located on the lake’s eastern shore. Indian River offers a perfect place for those who enjoy canoeing and kayaking.

Boyne Highlands Resort is another ideal place where you can get a classic golf experience. The resort is located at 600 Highland Drive, Harbor Springs, Michigan.

There is no better summer recreation activity than swimming. The water at Mullet Lake is just perfect for cooling your body after spending time in the scorching summer sun.

However, you should note that the lake has an outstanding depth of approximately 148ft (45m). Therefore, ensure that you and your loved ones stay close to the shore to avoid accidents.
Bird and wildlife watching

As you cruise through the lake, you are likely to come across the Sand Hill Crane that is well-known in this region. The region where Mullet Lake is situated is covered with forest.

Birds, such as Bald Eagles, build their nests on the trees. Other creatures, such as swans, can be seen on the lake’s edge. The startled white-tailed deer and other native birds can be seen too in this region.

Some flowers explode with attractive and elegant colors during the summer season, making the area look more appealing.

Cheboygan County, where Mullet Lake  is found, is home to some of the most impeccable trails in Michigan. The North Central State Trail that stretches to 62 miles is open for non-motorized transportation all year round. The North Eastern State Trail is 72 miles long, and it is ideal for hikers, runners, and cyclists.
6o% of this region is covered by forests, which enhances the experience you get in your hiking adventure.

Visit the Lock and Dam on River Cheboygan
This structure is located 4miles from Mullet Lake  and was constructed in the 1920s. It is managed by the Michigan Department of Natural Resources, and its primary functions are to maintain the lake water levels and offer flood relief for the inland water way.

Winter Recreation
Mullet Lake is an ideal vacation spot for the summer season and the winter season. Like in any other place, temperatures during winter in Michigan fall dramatically. However, there are several activities that you can indulge in to make your winter vacation memorable and fun. They include:

Winter Sports
There is no better way to keep warm during winter than participating in vigorous sports. A winter vacation at Mullet Lake  comes packed with sports such as snowmobiling on the 11-mile trails that are maintained by the state. You can also go ice-fishing, snowshoeing, fat-tire bicycling, and winter hiking.

Boyne Highlands Resort offers zip-lining adventures and horse-back riding as some of the winter recreation activities.

Grab Some Coffee
Cupa Life Espresso Café in the Indian River region is one of the joints that offer roasted coffee and baked products. However, the most preferred coffee spot is the North Star Café, which is much advanced. The restaurant serves Starbucks, has a drive-through, and you can swiftly handle your online business with the hotel’s free Wi-Fi.

Visit Paula’s Café
This is the home to the largest teapot collection you will ever see in your life. As you take your typical breakfast at the café, you will be mesmerized by the massive number of traditional, cartoon, and seasonal teapots that fill the room from the floor to the ceiling.

Go Shopping
Winter recreation activities are mainly indoors. Therefore, shopping is one of the enjoyable activities that you can indulge in to enjoy your vacation. Downtown Cheboygan is home to some of the most exquisite shops in Michigan.

There, you will find gifts, home décor, and works of local artists. Additionally, Purple Tree Books is a store where you can access and entertain yourself with some books.

Mullet Lake is an ideal vacation spot for both locals and international tourists. Regardless of the time and season that you spent here, you can be sure of creating some beautiful memories. There are so many activities to indulge in during the summer and winter, including swimming, fishing, hiking, water sports, among others.

One of the most notable features of Mullet Lake is the lakefront cottages that are available for rent. They come at different sizes and prices to cover a wider range of customers. However, these cottages offer the best place to relax by offering all the comforts of a home. You and your family can enjoy watching the silvery blue lake or gazing at the star-filled sky from the cottages.

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