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One of the most productive things you can do as an investor to optimize income is to hire an experienced property manager for your rental unit. Finding the most well-rounded professional who shares your values and aspirations, however, is no easy task. 6 Eye-Opening Tips for Hiring Lake Charlevoix Property Managers were created to handle this challenge. (Click here to see all Lake Charlevoix Homes for Sale)

It takes a seasoned investor to get past the huge promises and marketing jargon that agencies frequently deploy. So, how can you cut through the BS and discover the best property management for your needs?


Simple: you recognize them based on the six characteristics listed below.

What is their level of experience?

You don’t want your rental unit to be used as a proving ground for inexperienced property management. You can measure their degree of experience by asking a few questions.

“How many homes have you managed before?”
“Have you had any issues with certain tenants?
If so, how did you resolve the issue?”
“How do you get your tenants to pay their rent?”
“What software do you use to keep track of rent, maintenance, and contractor deadlines?”
Instead of focusing on the number of years under their belt, it is critical to consider their whole experience. Consider the following points:

Their clients’ return on investment
Have they dealt with rental properties similar to yours?
Can they find tenants quickly enough to avoid vacancies?
Examining the larger picture can help you determine whether they are a good fit for your rental unit.

Examine their communication abilities.


Tenant management is an art form that necessitates a solid mix of emotional intelligence and interpersonal skills. Your property manager will have to negotiate with the tenant in your favor without causing them any inconvenience. The greater their people skills are, the better they will handle your rental property.

One-on-one interaction with them will allow you to assess their people’s abilities. Take note of how they communicate with you, as well as how they make others feel. When dealing with difficult situations and stubborn tenants, these abilities will come in handy.

Look for industry knowledge.

At both the state and federal levels, the landlord-tenant relationship is heavily regulated. Breaching these restrictions can result in heavy penalties. This is why being on the right side of the law while achieving your objectives is critical. An experienced property manager will be able to use their knowledge to increase your profits while also ensuring that your rental unit conforms with the law.

The property manager is experienced and will assist you in avoiding costly fines and penalties.

Are They Patient in Stressful Situations?

Property management is not an easy profession by any means. A competent manager must be patient with renters who are delinquent on their rent, contractors who aren’t doing their jobs, and investors who have unreasonable expectations.

When hiring a property manager, search for someone who will carefully listen to your concerns. They will go above and above to deliver excellent service to you. Determine whether or not they can handle tough events without losing their cool.

Are They Self-Assured?

Successful property managers should be able to persuade others to listen and follow instructions. This may necessitate a little violence now and then (within reason – context is crucial!).

They’ll have to chase down late payments and hold contractors accountable, for example. When looking for a possible property manager, the capacity to be forceful (when necessary) is crucial.

Look into their reputation.


Clients consistently recommend the best property managers. A reputable property manager will also provide references for you to investigate. Don’t be scared to call on those recommendations; a reputable property manager will gladly provide them. It’s worth mentioning that new PMs may still be developing their reputation, so you might want to loosen up on the reputation criterion.

In any event, word of mouth is a good indicator of what others are saying about the subject.

Are you looking for a professional property manager?

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