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When you call Northern Michigan Escapes for a rental appraisal, our property management team will provide recommendations to help you get the best rental rate possible. In addition, we will also make recommendations if there are any health or safety concerns, ensuring that you are not legally exposed. Moreover, we will prepare your Walloon Lake rental property for maximum performance.

When it comes to preparing your Northern Michigan rental property for rental, our knowledge and experience are vital.

Some of the recommendations are as follows:

Detectors of smoke

Do some of your detectors abide by current laws? If so, are they in good functioning order and properly positioned? If the device is battery operated, we recommend replacing the batteries before the residential lease term begins.

Swimming Pool Cleaning

If your rental home in Northern Michigan contains a pool, we recommend including a professional pool maintenance fee in the weekly rent. However, the majority of tenants are responsible for providing pool chemicals and cleaning the pool.

Retouching the Paint

A fresh coat of paint may dramatically improve the appearance of your home. In fact, painting is the single most effective technique to improve the appearance and value of your home.


Pest Management

Have you had a pest inspection recently? An annual pest control treatment’s recommended by us. A flea treatment’s recommended if you are leaving a property where a dog or cat has been kept.

Curb Appeal & Exterior Cleaning

Pruning back any overhanging trees/vines, weeding garden beds, mowing and edging lawns, and removing garden garbage are all recommended by Northern Michigan Escapes. Driveways and/or paving sections should also be pressure cleaned.


Ascertain if the property is secure enough for tenants to obtain contents insurance for their own belongings. It is also advised that all locks be secure and that all keys work properly.

Doors and Windows

Make sure all windows and doors (including cupboard doors) are easy to open and close. To ensure that the premises are completely safe, all locks and keys must be fully working.


Ensure that your Property Manager has at least three sets of keys, security swipe cards, and remote controls (if applicable), including keys for window locks, garages, garden sheds, and the letterbox.

Prepare Your Walloon Lake Rental Property


It is a legal obligation that any appliances left at the property for the tenant’s use must be kept in working order by the landlord. The original warranty and appliance manuals should be kept by the landlord, and a copy should be provided to the renters for reference.

Cleaning of carpets

Prior to a renter moving in, we recommend that professional carpet cleaning is consistently performed The tenant is responsible for ensuring that the carpet is in as good a condition as when they moved in at the end of their tenure (fair wear and tear excepted). It’s a good idea to get the carpets professionally cleaned before the tenant moves in.


It is critical that the property be clean before the leasing term begins. If necessary, we can organize a pre-tenancy cleaning quote with one of our recommended cleaners. We can ensure that the tenants restore the property to the same level of cleanliness at the end of the tenancy if we hand over the property clean.

We’ll assess your property and offer recommendations for any problems or safety concerns to address before a tenant moves in.