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Boyne City Michigan Property Management

Northern Michigan Escapes is an established property management company that has proudly served Boyne City and surrounding areas for over 15 years. Moreover, we provide a clean, safe, well-maintained home with considerable value for your money and convenience.

We know property management gets on the nerves of many renters, and homeowners, today due to uninformed or negligent landlords who don’t give their properties proper maintenance.  However, Northern Michigan Escapes aspires to provide its clients with quality service and the best in rental property management practices. We’re dedicated to providing our clients with the best customer service and management experience possible. (Click here to see all Boyne City, Michigan Homes for Sale)

Unique Approach

Northern Michigan Escapes uses its understanding of the local property market to discover rent-worthy houses. We offer a wide range of sophisticated rental property management services in Michigan. The list of Services by Northern Michigan Escapes includes:

Fall Lawn Cleanups


We offer excellent fall lawn cleanups in Boyne City, Michigan. After the long summer, your lawn could be completely littered with fallen dead leaves and other debris. As a result, our lawn care professionals will remove all excess leaves and give your property a professionally-finished clean look. Don’t wait until the spring to find yourself knee-deep in leaves. Call us for a free quote and to schedule your fall clean-up today.

Spring Lawn Cleanups

Northern Michigan Escapes gives you the perfect opportunity for spring lawn clean-ups. In contrast to the cold weather, the spring season is great for vegging on your lawn. In fact, your property can look as good as new after Northern Michigan Escape’s spring lawn services. Our experts will remove all grass clippings and debris and make your lawn look like a green dream you never wanted to wake up from.

Snow Removal

snow plowing snow removal

Northern Michigan Escapes offers snow removal services in Boyne City. So, if you’re tired of shoveling snow from your driveway, then contact them now. We will gladly do your hard work without charging a dime. In fact, our snow removal and salting services ensure that your driveway is always salted and shoveled, so you don’t have to wake up extra early for work during snowy days to get out of your house safely.

Handyman Services

Northern Michigan Escapes offers handyman services in Boyne City to help with all of your home repairs and maintenance needs. So, try Northern Michigan Escapes if you need someone who will do all the projects around the house, like hanging pictures, patching up your leaky faucets, or painting the walls. 


Northern Michigan Escapes Property management can help with snow removal. Our Boyne City snow plowing and salting services ensure your driveway is salted and shoveled so you don’t have to wake up early for work on snowy days.

Lawn Care

Northern Michigan Escapes Property management offers lawn care services in Boyne. So, if you’re tired of mowing and cutting your lawn, you should seek Northern Michigan Escapes services. In fact, with our lawn care services, you’ll never have to worry about mowing and trimming the grass on your property. We guarantee a clean-cut lawn so you can rest easy throughout summer and enjoy the sun.

Tree Care

Northern Michigan Escapes Property management offers tree care services in Boyne City. If your beautiful trees are starting to die off, contact Northern Michigan Escapes property management immediately. With our tree care services, you’ll never have to worry about trimming, cutting, and mulching your trees again. 

Lawn Mowing

lawn mowing lawn maintenance

Boyne City’s Northern Michigan Escapes provides lawn care. Northern Michigan Escapes Property Management mows and trims lawns. We’ll mow and trim your grass so you don’t have to. We also guarantee a tidy lawn and property.


Northern Michigan Escapes property management offers housekeeping services in Boyne. In fact, you ought to try Northern Michigan Escapes right now if you are looking for a housekeeper who will clean and make your home immaculate.

With our home cleaning services, you’ll never have to clean and polish the windows, floors, or mirrors on your property. We will take care of all these tasks for you, so you can have a free Sunday afternoon to kick back and relax.

Pest Prevention

Boyne City’s Northern Michigan Escapes provides pest control. Northern Michigan Escapes property management can help if you have ants, spiders, or other pests in your house. Our pest control treatments will leave your property bug-free and safe to use.

Essentially, the primary purpose of property management services is to manage a homeowner’s or landlord’s rental property and ensure that their properties are in good condition. And, Northern Michigan Escapes Property management does all the above to a top-notch level. Be sure to try out our services in Boyne City, Michigan.