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Lake Charlevoix is the third largest inland lake in Michigan and has a long reputation for its beauty. You may envision a weekend getaway with family and friends when you think of this place. It’s not surprising that this place is a popular vacation spot for people in the US, especially during the summer months.


But what you might not know is that it’s a great place to vacation year-round. Whether enjoying the beautiful fall colors, having a great time at the Lake Charlevoix marinas, making snow angels in the winter, or grilling on the beach in the summer, there’s no shortage of things to do there.

As one of Michigan’s most popular vacation destinations, it’s easy to see why so many people choose Lake Charlevoix for their vacations. This lake combines the best of both worlds — big-city amenities with small-town charm. This lake’s connected via the round lake channel to Lake Michigan, and it’s also connected to Lake Michigan via the Boyne River. The three rivers that flow into Charlevoix are the Bear River, Pine River, and Sturgeon River. (Click here to see all Lake Charlevoix Homes for Sale)

Fun on the Water

This place has you covered when it comes to fun on the water. Fishing enthusiasts will be delighted by its ample supply of bass and pike, while boaters will be thrilled by its miles of pristine shoreline. Lake Charlevoix bass fishing trips in this place are a must! You can even take a cruise around this beautiful lake on one of the many boats that call it home. Lake Charlevoix pontoon boat rentals are available for those interested.

The east arm of the lake is where you’ll find Boyne City, close to Boyne Mountain Resort. The resort offers downhill skiing, golfing, and a water park, but mountain tubing is one of the best activities for families, which doesn’t require any special skills or training. You hop on an inner tube and slide down the hill.

Below are some of the things that might convince you to take a vacation on Lake Charlevoix;

Boating and Boating Tours

Boating is among the popular activities carried out around this place. The lake is large enough for boaters to enjoy water sports or sailing but small enough that you can always find a quiet cove to enjoy. There are many Lake Charlevoix marinas and public boat launches around. Lake Charlevoix boat rentals offer boats, jet skis, and other related equipment. One of the better places to rent a boat is Boats & Bikes. It is located on Bridge Street in Charlevoix, Michigan.

The water is clean and clear, with plenty to see and do. Boaters usually find many different places to explore and possibly anchor their boat on for an excellent day of swimming or picnicking. Both small and large boats are welcome on the lake. Boaters can choose from various boat-in camping options, including Ile aux Galets, located on the east side of the lake just south of East Jordan.

Also, you can’t visit the lake without taking a boat tour. Several cruise companies offer tours of the lake. They offer canoe, kayak, paddleboard, bike, and Lake Charlevoix pontoon boat rentals. Some tours will take you to the Lake Harbor Light, known as the “dime store lighthouse.”


If your idea of a perfect vacation is fishing, then you need to head to Lake Charlevoix Michigan. It is very popular with anglers throughout Michigan. Fishing licenses are required for anglers 17 years and older; they can be purchased online, by phone, or at a local merchant. There are several different fish species, and they all have different habitats and habits. Some prefer to live near the lake floor, while others stay closer to the surface.

The lake is home to walleye, bass, northern pike, and trout. The lake has many different species of fish that can be caught year-round. Hence, you’ll want to make plans to spend the day on Lake Charlevoix. Whether it’s casting for panfish and Lake Charlevoix bass fishing trips, this place has just about any waterway you can think of.

You can book a fishing charter with one of the many local captains who will help you find the best spots for your favorite type of fish. The fishing is so good on this lake because the lake has an excellent ecosystem. The lake’s deep, cold, and very clear water supports many fish species, including panfish, trout, salmon, bass, and more.

The lake’s ecosystem even supports the cisco (lake herring), a baitfish that many other lakes don’t have. Another option is to visit the Charlevoix Fisherman’s Island State Park to fish off the pier or rent a boat.

Swimming and Enjoying the Beach

lake michigan

Who doesn’t love cooling off in the lake on a hot summer day? With over 150 miles of shoreline and many Lake Charlevoix beaches, there’s plenty of room for everyone! The average water temperature of Lake Charlevoix favors swimming, especially during summertime. As a result, the beaches are great reasons why you should vacation on Lake Charlevoix!

Beach-goers can enjoy a refreshing dip in Lake Michigan at East Park Beach on Bridge Street in downtown Charlevoix. Also, at Sunset Beach, you can swim, picnic, and walk along the beach. The beach is located on the northeast side of the Lake. There are some picnic tables at Sunset Beach, but it’s a good idea to bring your food and drink if you plan to stay for lunch. The peninsula is a hot spot for boaters and offers two playgrounds for children.


Hiking is a great way to get some exercise, explore nature, and breathe in all that fresh northern Michigan air. There are several trails around the Lake, including Boyne City Trail, Walloon Lake Trail, and Deer Lake State Park Trail.

Golf Courses

This place offers several golf courses catering to golfers of all skill levels. If you are a golfer, this is the place to be. The best course in the area is The Monument Course, which includes 18 holes, spectacular scenery, a large putting green, and a driving range with target greens and fairway bunkers at each yardage. The course also offers pushcart rental and club rental, and lessons if you need them. The course is part of the Boyne Mountain Resort, one of the most famous resorts in the area. Click here to see all Boyne Mountain Resort real estate for sale.

Good Eat and Great Restaurants

The food around Lake Charlevoix is delicious. It is primarily known for its seafood. The restaurants are moderately priced, and the food is satisfying. There are numerous dining alternatives available. The restaurants on the lake are reasonably priced compared to other lakes. The options range from burgers to BBQ, to steak, to pasta.

There are plenty of options for every palette. One of the great restaurants is The Landings restaurant where you can enjoy good food. Another great restaurant is Gray Gables Market which features fresh seafood and steaks, and extensive wine. After your meal, walk around downtown Boyne City, check out the shops and sights, or head to Bridge Park in Charlevoix, where you can stroll along the pier and watch the sunset over Lake Michigan.

Stay At the Water Street Inn on Lake Charlevoix

This is not a cookie-cutter chain hotel. The condominiums are individually owned in downtown Boyne City. The rooms are large and comfortable, and each condominium has its own full kitchen with full-size appliances. The best thing about the Water Street Inn is the location on the shores of Lake Charlevoix.

Enjoy a Spa Day

Even if you’re not staying in an area with a spa, you can still enjoy some pampering. From facials, massages, and manicures to body polishes and scrubs, you can spend the day being pampered at a local spa. Some spas, such as Boyne Mountain Solace Spa & Salon, even offer a full-service salon where you can get your hair and makeup done — perfect for a special occasion! If you prefer to do your nails, bring along your favorite polish and book an appointment for a manicure or pedicure at one of the salons in northern Michigan.

People Are Friendly and Northern Michigan Towns Are Beautiful

The people there are friendly and helpful. The locals are always so happy to be there and usually greet people with a smile and a wave! If you need directions or suggestions, the people there are always more than willing to help you out. “It’s just great that everyone is so nice there!”


The scenery around Lake Charlevoix is beautiful. You can check out some Lake Charlevoix homes for sale to enjoy breathtaking views. The water is crystal clear, and it sparkles in the sun. It is always nice being close enough to the city of Charlevoix (5 minutes by car) but far enough away that one can feel like you are on your private beach (20 minutes by boat).

You can rent kayaks from the local marina, which will turn out fun because one can explore the coastline without leaving the boat at the dock all day. The town also has many attractions, including the Charlevoix Historical Society Museum, where visitors can learn about the history of this resort area. Also in town is the World’s Longest Freshwater Island Ferry Ride that runs between Charlevoix and Beaver Island.

Beautiful Summerhouses and Lake Charlevoix Luxury Vacation Rentals

This is a perfect spot to rent a summer cottage or acquire amazing Lake Charlevoix luxury rentals. Accommodations range from cabin Lake Charlevlox rentals to campsites. Many locals live here full time while others choose to spend their summers here. People usually come from all over to vacation here and for weekend getaways. Many of these summer homes have been passed down from generation to generation—some communities along the shoreline with public beaches and boat launches.

There are Lake Charlevoix homes for sale where you can instead buy a house and enjoy this beautiful place every time you visit with your family. It’s surrounded by the beauty of the great outdoors, but it’s also close enough to civilization that you can take a day trip to Petoskey or Charlevoix and explore what these towns have to offer.

The lakeshore area contains many high-end summer houses, including one for Dan Quayle when he was Vice President. Lake Charlevoix rentals are hard to come by in the summertime.


If you love shopping, several different quaint shops offer a great variety of items. An example is Boyne City, located at the south end of the lake, called “the heart of the North.” This charming town has a rich history as one of Michigan’s most prosperous lumbering and shopping centers. It is known for its unique shops and restaurants, and it’s a popular summer destination for boaters.

This small town has everything you need for your trip — from grocery stores to outfitters where you can rent a boat or kayak for fishing on the lake. There are also several boutique shops where local artisans can find handmade goods.


You can also enjoy camping at one of the many campgrounds or find a nice secluded spot along with one of the beautiful lakeshores. The area also offers several different hiking trails to enjoy a long hike or a short walk.

Lake Charlevoix is a great place for a day trip, even for those who live nearby. But unless you plan to visit in the winter to ski or ice skate, or during the summer for water activities such as fishing and kayaking, it doesn’t make sense to stay just a day. There are some great opportunities to stay overnight at several impressive resorts on the shores of this lake. The vistas are spectacular, and there is enough to do. This place is genuinely a fantastic Michigan vacation spot that people should visit more often.

Come with friends or the family, or on a romantic getaway. No matter where you stay and which activities you choose, one thing is for sure: you will leave with beautiful memories and many more to come back to.